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Investing In Your Talent

Investing In Your Talent

Office design is all about opportunities. And one of the best things about opportunity is innovation. Investing in your talent by utilizing the natural agility of design has come into the workplace as one of the unsung heroes of office design. The very nature of corporate environments has been changing and becoming more fluid and […]

free-range workspace

The Free-Range Workspace

Office design, like any corporate endeavor, is about change and evolution. The constantly changing dynamic of work is the driving force behind the exciting office design trends and developments we blog about. Coworking spaces boomed in 2018 and continue to influence office design for talent acquisition and retention. The free-range workspace was inspired by the […]

Green Design Boosts Productivity

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Green Design Boosts Productivity

In addition to state of the art communications, ergonomic furniture and space plans that multi-task, workspaces have become, by design, leaner and greener. Green design boosts productivity in many hidden ways within office design. Air quality, lighting, and green spaces have become important factors for not only employee health and wellbeing, but for talent acquisition and retention.

milennial culture

WATERCOOLER CHAT: 5 Ways Millennials Enlighten Office Culture

Millennial culture has been influencing office design for a very long time. The 5G workforce is constantly evolving, and each level influences the next. This is played out across the work stage in terms of style, organization, communication, and office design. As the diligent Baby Boomers retire, the reliable Gen Xers and the socially-conscience Millennials are […]

Workspace Noise

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Reducing Workspace Noise

Reducing Workspace noise is one of the most common issues in corporate office environments—especially in open office concepts where employees are working in close proximity with little or no separation. If you’ve ever worked in a similar environment, then you know how distracting this can be. But a noisy workplace can be more than just a […]