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Is The Open Plan Office Destroying Workplace Culture?

What if your office suddenly went from private to out in the open? What would be the biggest change you could imagine from the open office experience? How would you prepare and adapt your tasks? A hundred questions and scenarios could begin coursing through your brain about coping in such an exposed situation where productivity is still paramount. In its effort for progress, it is becoming quite clear that the collaborative culture may have derailed itself with distraction.

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WATER COOLER CHAT: Ergonomics Not Emerging Fast Enough

The goal of today’s office ergonomics is focused on fitting the workspace and technology to the individual, thus reducing the risk of injuries and helping people work effectively. However, the very nature of work is changing. Technology has freed people to work anywhere, and a growing proportion of that work is collaborative and social. In response, organizations are supplementing the private office and cubicle with a wide variety of interactive group and social spaces. READ MORE


Transparency At Work: Glass Around The Office

.Transparency in the workplace takes on a whole new meaning in an open office design. Creating beautiful glass-walled spaces for meetings, training or other separations within your space plan adds some sparkle and variety to the wide open space. Glass around the office can be artful and purposeful within the collaborative environment and provide a powerful vehicle for creativity.

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A Workplace Of Innovation Begins With Great Design

The best office layouts support the interaction of your team. Providing the right tools for them to function seamlessly with each other and still perform their individual tasks is an office design challenge that is in a constant state of evolution. In a 2016 workplace innovation survey conducted by Gensler, a statistical link was discovered between the functional design of the workspace and the quality of work and innovation ascribed to it by the employees. Creating a high-performance workplace creates an ecosystem of innovation that is a direct predictor of your staff performance.

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adaptable workspaces

Adaptable Workspaces

The absolute certainty in life and worklife is change. Finding inventive ways to adapt to the demands of the evolving workspace starts with a flexible design. Setting a foundation for the adaptable workspace will give your office an edge and allow you to continue evolving along with your team. Designing ahead of the change will give you longterm flexibility.

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WATER COOLER CHAT: Engaging The Five Senses

Even the best employers, providing the best workplace solutions—ergonomic seating, height-adjustable tables, views to the outdoors, multiple break rooms—may be missing something huge. What about the color of the walls? The smells in the office? The texture of furniture materials? Engaging the senses—sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch—that humans perceive the world. Read More


Evolutionary Workspaces That Transcend Generations

Office design is a multi-faceted endeavor. Not only is it beholden to the current trends in hospitality/home design, consumer behaviour, well-being and technology, it is bound to the work culture present at any given time within the office. This information drives the product design process that ultimately redefines how you work.

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