What The Talent Wants In Your Office Design

What the talent wants plays a huge role in not only acquisition but office design. When one is in the market for a career change or a new job, expectations are high. The thrill of the hunt, the fresh change of people and place. The exciting opportunity to embrace the change is all part of this process. Stepping into an outdated office puts the brakes on that enthusiasm.

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enriched environment

Enriched Environments Encourage Creativity

Creating an enriched environment is all about invigorating the physical space. Space planning for an open plan environment is often overlooked as an opportunity to inspire, engage and boost employee performance. Within the constant pulse of competing for the same talent, finding ways to differentiate your business is essential. Creatively leveraging and communicating authentic culture, vision and amenities can elevate stark, impersonal open environments into innovative hives of collaboration and productivity.

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small spaces

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Small Spaces With Big Ideals

Open plan office design has lead to some interesting discussions and very forward-thinking ideas. Not the least of which is where and how these discussions take place. Large conference room spaces have given way to smaller seating groups strategically positioned around the office for a quick huddle. These small spaces have big ideals for the unused spaces in your office by encouraging stylish collaboration on the fly.

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place identity

Defining Place Identity In An Open Office

Change is a constant in any environment, and office design is no exception. Defining place identity is an integral part of the design process when creating a workspace of inclusion. The pressure is on to start up, retain talent, encourage cross-functional collaboration, enhance exposure to different kinds of expertise, and accelerate creativity and innovation. What we’ve learned is that what works for one industry has not necessarily worked for all.

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sensory perception

Extra Sensory Perception In Office Design

With a little bit of sensory perception, Herman Miller has come up with an intuitive way to understand the metrics of how your team utilizes the technology of a well-designed office space. Innovative office furniture manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the user experience and gather data on what works and what doesn’t within the framework of office design and user experience.

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choosing best office space

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Choosing The Best Office Space

Choosing the best office space is tricky business. Sometimes the space you love just does not have the parking, adaptability or amenities to make the space work into the future. There are a lot of factors to consider for clients, staff and business owners trying to think ahead of their own growth. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, the challenges are the same.

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The Collaboration of Color In Your Office Design

The collaboration of color is an integral part of creating meaningful workspaces that encourage productive behaviors. Corporate office design has been in a neutral zone for a very long time. Take a look around your office. Are the walls dull and reminiscent of an institutional building rather than a place of dynamic collaboration? Punching up your agility with color is one of the simplest ways to create a culture of innovation.

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virtual communication

WATERCOOLER CHAT: 5 Ways To Virtually Communicate

An icon for office banter for decades, the Water Cooler has become synonymous as a think tank for brainstorming and informal communication in the workplace. Virtual communication has taken over these days, but with so many remote workers there is a big disconnect with impromptu idea sharing. The open office concept can do little for the idea-sharing island created between telecommuters and those who work full time from home. Business leaders are being challenged to keep that water cooler line of communication open with people who may be hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. Companies who embrace communication on multiple levels in their workplaces facilitate connectedness among their team, no matter where they might be.

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Finding The Sweet Spot In Your Office Design

Finding the sweet spot in your office design that encourages strategic multitasking is now backed by some substantial research that concludes the need for on the job learning opportunities within your office design. Increased productivity & collaboration for employees ascends to a new level of engagement when opportunities for personal growth are part of the design. Getting the most use out of your team requires dedicated areas for innovative thinking and on-site training among the chaos of daily tasks.

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