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Modular Offices with Doors AKA High Wall Full Privacy Cubicles

Posted by Paula Coon

Tue, Jul 09, 2013 @ 01:13 PM

People Miss Privacy at Work!

Trends in office furniture styles and layout have changed radically in the last ten years. Cubicles with high walls that gave employees quiet and privacy have gone out the window in favor of the "Open Plan Office" which encourages collaboration between employees.

There is currently a backlash to this trend, however, from people in the workplace who are dissatisfied with the lack of "speech privacy" and a drop in productivity due to the open office noise levels. A New York Times article published in May of 2012 reprinted this quote:

“In general, people do not like the acoustics in open offices,” said John Goins, the leader of the survey conducted by Berkeley’s Center for the Built Environment. “The noisemakers aren’t so bothered by the lack of privacy, but most people are not happy, and designers are finally starting to pay attention to the problem.”

The Times article went on to talk about how many people go off to the bathroom to have the private conversations they feel they cannot have in their open plan office. 

One solution to the problem is to install a sound masking system, like those available from Office Furniture NOW!

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Another solution is to install Modular Offices with Doors, also known as Full Privacy Cubicles, for those employees who need acoustical privacy to perform their job or who would benefit from the productivity advantages of a quiet place to work.  Here are the advantages of Modular Offices with Walls:

1. Full Privacy Cubicles are Cost-Effective.
Modular Offices with Doors can be installed at a fraction of the cost of finishing out a traditional private office.

2. Full Privacy Cubicles are Flexible
If you need up reconfigure your office, it's easy to alter the footprint of Modular Offices with Doors.  You can easily make an office smaller or larger; alter the shape of the office; or add windows or doors to a Full Privacy Cubicle.

3. Full Privacy Cubicles come in Many Options
You can choose fabrics, finishes, storage accessories, paper management tools to suite your needs and tastes.  They can be standardized for a whole company or customized on a cubicle-by-cubicle basis.

4. You can choose from New, Used, Refurbished or Newsed Modular Offices with Doors
Set your own pricepoint through this choice. 

  • New Modular Offices with Doors
    Generally the most expensive option, buying new cubicles gives you the greatest number of choices with regard to color, style, and functionality. They also come without wear and tear. It is easy to purchase matching product in the future. Unfortunately, it often has the longest delivery time.

  • Refurbished Modular Offices with Doors
    Provides a cost savings over comparable new cubicles, and is often available in quicker delivery times. Refurbished full privacy cubicles will give the buyer several options of new fabrics and finishes. Product offerings usually accommodate the most common functionality requirements.

  • Used Modular Offices with Doors
    With used cubicles, you can gain significant cost savings over comparable new and refurbished cubicle choices. Your product choices are more limited because you must choose from available inventories that can involve compromises in terms of color and other features. Provides the quickest delivery because these solutions are usually on-hand aty Office Furniture NOW!

  • Newsed Modular Offices with Doors
    Combining the best benefits of both new and used furniture, this option typically costs less than refurbished cubicles but more than used cubicles. By purchasing new panels along with used internal components, such as worksurfaces and drawers, it can look like you bought all new furniture, but you know you saved some serious money.

Modular offices with doors privacy cubicles
Open plan offices can be great!  However, a lack of acoustical privacy can reduce people's ability to communicate meaningfully and lead to a decrease in productivity.

Modular offices with doors privacy cubicles

This is a photo of one modular office with a door, including a glass panel to add light and visibility.  The colors of the panels (here they are tan) and the finishe color (here the finish is dark brown) can be selected.        
Modular offices with doors privacy cubicles
Modular office cubicles with doors can be laid out in a simple block like this, or in more complicated configurations.                                                          
Modular offices with doors privacy cubicles
There are many available options when choosing modular offices with doors, including storage types, panel and trim color, and desking and seating options.                       
Modular offices with doors privacy cubicles

This bird's eye view of this full privacy cubicle is shows just one possible color palette and configuration option for these versatile private cubicles.                            

Modular offices with doors privacy cubicles
With good space planning, areas outside private modular cubicles can be good meeting areas.


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