Huddle Up For Success: The Smaller More Focused Way To Meet

Today’s more open plan, flexible work style has brought many exciting changes to the way offices function. Depending on how your teams and individuals gather and communicate, smaller more efficient huddle rooms may be a better fit for collaboration. Encouraging dialogue and brainstorming keep your business acumen fresh. Providing the same technology as a boardroom, but catering to the more BYOD impromptu meeting style of today’s mobile workforce, the huddle room provides a low-key environment designed for collaboration.

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starting up

Starting Up: How Entrepreneurial Ideology Evolves Workstyle

The startup culture has been defining and redefining the corporate world heavily for the past few years. As people continue to look for ways to improve work/life balance, the workstyle bar continues to rise. The collaborative nature of the startup culture has always been about connection and opportunities to network with others who can help you achieve your success. That visionary approach of starting up has influenced many industry trends and continues to empower change.

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The Multi-Tasking Office: 2016 Office Design Trends To Watch

In 2016 we are likely to see a shift in the open collaborative office toward a more mindful office layout that creates a balance between open and private spaces with the added flexibility of mobile furnishings. Multi-tasking furnishings that can transition, much like the ever-changing workscapes of today, will take center stage.

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touchdown spaces

Touchdown Spaces: How the Open Office is Changing the Way We Work

Office environments are evolving. They are changing to keep up with the way people work today in some surprising new ways. The nouveau office is a flexible, open, mixed-use space that incorporates the use of touchdown stations or places for impromptu meetings that are easy to maneuver and convert featuring lightweight tables, chairs and whiteboards.

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Shrinking Personal Workspaces – A New Office Trend

The office without an office has become an increasingly disturbing phenomenon. You may work in an office where management is scrambling to increase density in the workspace, or you may have heard an in-the-trenches story from a friend whose cubicle shrank in size overnight or disappeared altogether to be replaced by an open workbench. These anecdotes are part of a real trend. The usual amount of square footage per employee has gone from 400 square feet in 1985 to 250 square feet today.

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Dogbone Open Plan Cubicles

Dogbone cubicles are a flexible configuration that encourages employee collaboration. Trends in office furniture style and layout have changed radically in the last ten years. Cubicles with high walls that gave employees quiet and privacy have gone out the window in favor of an open plan office layout which encourages interdepartmental collaboration between employees.

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