Colorful Office Chairs

With spring here, our senses are tuned to all the bright colors in nature – spring green of new leaves, the rich purples of blooming irises, the flashy pinks, oranges and yellows of blooming wildflowers.  Just because we humans have to spend so much time inside working, doesn’t mean that we can’t bring some of the outside inside. One of our vendors, Community (by Jasper), has some pretty exciting colorful office chairs in their lines and I’d like to spotlight them here today. If you’d like to see our Pinterest board with more colorful office chairs, click here.

The Wink Chair by Community

new used colorful office chairdescribe the imageThe Wink chair by Community is the Interior Design Magazine 2011 best of the year winner.  It is a ravishing new design available in a variety of colors. The creative use of materials from wood to solid to translucent chairs provide a modern profile that will fit any office decor. My favorite might be the nature-animal wood palette shown here. What’s not to like?

The Wink Chair by Community

  • Low-density stacking chairs
  • One-piece shell
  • Chrome-plated steel frame
  • Multiple options:
    • 5 wood options
    • 5 solid colors
    • 3 translucent colors

The Milk Chair by Community

community-milk-chairAnother brighten-up-the-day kind of colorful chair – The Milk Stacking Chair, also by Community. Fresh, fun, functional.  Designed to work anywhere you want.

  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Stackable
  • Affordable
  • Multiple options:
    • 2 frame colors
    • 5 seat/back colors
  • With or without arms
  • Can order with upholstered seats

The Luci Chair by Community

new used colorful office chairs
 The Luci Chair by Community is a thing to behold!  But don’t worry, if these bright colors are too much for you, it comes in a variety of other colors, both bold and subdued. Available options include:
  • Trumpet or 4-prong base
  • 2-piece multi-layer shell
  • Round or soft-square top shapes
  • Multiple options:
    • 7 wood finishes
    • 15 color finishes
    • Duratex low-emission top coat