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This comprehensive overview of Office Ergonomics will provide some valuable information on ergonomic chairs, desks & accessories and what you should consider when purchasing them. Much of what we know about workplace ergonomics comes from studies commissioned by major American office furniture manufacturers like Herman Miller, Knoll, Steelcase, and Allsteel. Studies on office behavior and workstyle form the basis for the information provided in our e-book. Ergonomic task chairs are the single best investment you can make for your team to lower fatigue and repetitive motion injury. Knowledge is power, so arming yourself with a bit of information to upgrade your office is invaluable. In this e-book you’ll learn more about:

• Ergonomic Seating
• Correct ergonomic posture
• Height-Adjustable desks
• Desk accessories: monitor arms, keyboard systems, lighting
• Ergo and adjustment guides

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