Regardless of the scope of your office project, Office Furniture NOW! understands that you will have questions regarding our company, our services, and the products we sell. Most often, these questions can be answered with these FAQs from previous projects:

When will I get my furniture?
This depends on your immediate need and the type of furniture you’re buying:

  • ITEMS WE HAVE IN-STOCK (used or new): Most items in 1-3 days except for cubicles which will usually be delivered within 4-8 days.  If you have a truck and want to take any furniture with you, you can!
  • QUICK-SHIP ITEMS: 1-2 weeks
  • SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS: 3-8 weeks
  • REFURBISHED OFFICE FURNITURE: Deliver in about 2-3 weeks. If you have a special date you’re trying to meet, let us know and we’ll do our best to accommodate it.
  • REFURBISHED CUBICLES: 3 weeks for medium and small orders. 4-5 weeks for large orders.

What is recycled office furniture?
Office furniture is a recyclable product! Just because it has become outdated or outmoded in functionality, does not mean that it needs to be sent to the landfill. Remanufacturing, refurbishing and/or reusing office furniture diverts it from the solid waste stream and sends it back out into the commercial world with a facelift.  You can either supply your own furniture to be refurbished or purchase “new” remanufactured furniture from us. The benefits are many, including an average savings of 30 to 50%. Recycling office furniture is not only good for the environment but it makes good business sense%

What’s the difference between new, used, recycled, refurbished or remanufactured office furniture?

  • NEW office furniture is factory fresh, never used furniture.
  • RECYCLED office furniture refers to any post-consumer office furniture that has been diverted out of the solid waste stream and back into the market with or without repairs. This includes remanufactured, refurbished, and used (as is) office furniture.
  • RE-USED, USED or AS-IS office furniture is recycled office furniture that has been returned to the market for sale without repair or improvement to its appearance. It has had one or several prior owners and will show some wear. Office Furniture NOW! fixes drawers and makes sure there are keys and file bars on our used furniture. We sell only high-end used furniture, passing along considerable cost savings to you.
  • REFURBISHED or RE-MANUFACTURED (“re-man”) office furniture is used furniture or cubicles that have significant repair work done to it to return it to near factory condition. For example, file cabinets are repainted, cubicle panels or chairs are reupholstered, and desks are refinished.  The end result is used furniture that has been made to look new again. Lots of money can be saved by purchasing refurbished rather than new office furniture.

No matter which of the above options you determine best fits your needs, be assured that these options are better for the environment than purchasing brand new office furniture.

Where is Office Furniture NOW! located?
We are located in Austin, TX. Here are the driving directions to our current location. In April of 2017 we will be relocating to a brand new space in the Burleson Commerce Park, 4201 Supply Court at Burleson Road,  Austin, TX 78744.

Why should I buy office furniture from Office Furniture NOW!?
Our multi-tiered lines of furniture and pricing structure are a logical choice for the budget conscious. New, refurbished and used office furniture with professional installation and service can get your business up and running quickly! We offer personal service. You can view all kinds of office furniture onsite in our showroom. Our expertise is legendary. Our furniture consultants and installation teams have decades of experience. We buy used office furniture, which can prove invaluable when you want to upgrade your office and need to liquidate your current furnishings.

Is Office Furniture NOW! a national chain or a locally owned business?
Office Furniture NOW! is proud to be a locallyowned business, established in 1997 and centrally-located in Austin, Texas.

Why should I consider buying used or refurbished rather than new office furniture?
There are two main reasons people buy used or refurbished office furniture:  cost savings and environmental reasons.  With a cost savings of 30-70% over new, used and refurbished office furniture keeps furniture out of the landfill and can earn LEED points.

Which brands do you carry?
We carry furniture from many different manufacturers. Our inventory is constantly changing. If you have a specific brand in mind, contact us. Some of our top brands include Herman Miller, Friant, Haworth, Knoll, Global, and Allsteel.

Do you deliver and install your products?
Absolutely. We offer delivery & installation by experienced professionals on the products we sell. 

Do you provide space planning for offices and what do you charge for this service?
We offer full comprehensive design and space planning services for any sized project. Costs vary by the scope of design work performed for the project.

Where does Office Furniture NOW! deliver, ship and install furniture?
We deliver, ship and install office furniture and cubicles all over the country. We have alliances with installation companies nationwide and can arrange installation for you as smoothly as if you were right here in our backyard. Contact us for more information.

Do you rent or lease your furniture? 
YES! We have rental or lease options with flexible terms to meet your needs.

Do you buy used furniture?

YES! Nice, clean used office furniture is always in demand. We would be happy to consider purchasing your furniture whether you are moving, consolidating or reconfiguring. Please email buyer@officefurniturenow.com for further information.

Do you take trade-ins?
YES! We will be happy to consider your existing furniture for a possible trade-in. If you have furniture to sell and/or want to trade in some furniture for credit for new furniture, one of our furniture consultants will be happy to provide more information.

Do you have financing options available?
YES! Office Furniture NOW! has several financing companies that we work on a regular basis to provide you with an office furniture lease-finance package that works best for you.