2019 office colors

Office Colors 2019

The 2019 color forecast has been released by Sherwin-Williams. Every color whether alone or combined with others, tells a story. So let’s take a look at how that translates into office design with regards to how personal, aspiring and attainable they are to your industry and your workspace.

Office design has begun to trend more toward home design. And we’ve started to see colors trending darker, with natural elements like wood playing a key role in design. Breaking out of the traditional monochromatic office and exploding into a colorful multifunctional design is what lies ahead, with some surprisingly traditional elements coming into play. Many of these pallets overlap with shades of similar colors. So don’t be afraid to mix them up to create a dymanic, unique look for your workspace! Here are the pallets:

Visionary & Creative

office colors 2019

If your workspace is in the technology industry this is a great pallet for you! It encompasses the hues of the cosmos and a whole universe of inspiration. Atmospheric wisps of colors, grounded by deep, dark blues, sparkling silvery grays, and pops of gold. These are the tones found in the sky at twilight and shimmering in the ocean depths. Modern industrial office design has incorporated surprising elements that speak to this color pallet, including cement or micro-cement finishes on walls, floors and conference tables.

Sunwashed & Warm

office colors 2019

Hospitality design, medical offices and corporate entities imbibe this color pallet.  These are the neutral canyon tones, deeply rooted in the vistas of the desert at sunset. Natural, un-washed and warm, this palette can be seen in the layers of canyon walls, worn leather and the woven wool blankets of the true New West. We’ve been seeing this pallet appear in the new breed of reception areas, huddle spaces and meeting rooms. The current design trend toward more den-like meeting spaces supports these textures and colors very well as conversation starters.

Well-Worn Elegance

office colors 2019

Formal executive offices, law firms, and corporate leaders who appreciate the well-worn and the rare will find this traditional color pallet comforting. The tones evoke bookcases of leather-bound classics, nostalgic collections, and timeless traditions. Copper and gold anchored by the deep tones of Merlot and dark gray create evocative spaces that feel impeccable, tasteful and elegant. Dark walls and dark wood tones started to appear in office design last year and will continue. The warm tones of leather and tweed in upholstery warm up this suite of colors.

Passionate & Eclectic

office colors 2019

Bold ideators that thrive in the vibrant creative industry already know this color pallet very well! We’ve seen it in the innovative office designs of tech industry giants like Google. But any office can benefit from a strong visual statement in meeting rooms, break rooms and huddle spaces. Bold pops of vivid color maximize impact and inspire creative dialog. Primary colors inject a lot of energy into any design, but you can mute these shades to make them fit your personal taste and inject bold artwork into your workspace for the same effect.

Lush Garden Hues

office colors 2019

Atriums and lush reception spaces are the perfect areas to inject living color into your office design. Plants provide sophisticated tones ranging from earthy mushroom to leafy green to passionate floral hues that can breathe new life into any area. If you have an underused space in your office plants are the perfect antidote. Dark wood tones have left the boardroom and are now becoming statement walls and accent features that form the perfect backdrop for greenery.

Global Storytelling

office colors 2019

Historic textures and patterns create a unique dialog that spans space and time. Most businesses today have a global reach. Finding ways to inject that rich history into your modern brand story can create a very distinctive office design. Developing a unique positioning among your peers is where global storytelling comes into play. You can inject some retro design elements into this group, like the Eames chair shown here. Adding pattern and texture with tactile art and natural accessories fit into this eclectic pallet very well.

Color is the one thing all brands utilize to find a unique voice. Whether it’s a logo design, a signature theme or just a personal preference, color can speak volumes about you without saying a word. Guests notice it, potential employees notice it, and your current staff should be invigorated by it.

The office design industry has been providing more and more furniture designs and colors for you to work with. Creating alluring office environments that tell your colorful brand story is no longer a challenge. The challenge has become deciding which one to choose! We can help you with that!

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