office glass

WATER COOLER CHAT: Maximizing The Use Of Glass In Your Office Design

The open plan has embraced the use of office glass spaces for privacy. Even traditional offices have opted for this option in the conference room and training spaces. Transparency in the communication of business ideals and messaging comes into the physical space as a strong design element with the use of glass-walled areas. Glass is being used to reduce space but still provides a feeling of openness. The flexibility of de-mountable glass in a space is a huge contender with rental spaces and open plan spaces alike.

With the trend toward industrial design, surfaces play a large role in the aesthetic and functionality. Workplace privacy is definitely evolving. And the expanding use of interior glass is part of the move by companies to open up their workspaces and encourage collaboration. When working with glass in your design, there are some things to consider:

  • Acoustics
  • Privacy
  • Light
  • Aesthetic

The design potential is endless, timber trim framing around glass walls and doors can complement the office’s wood floors, walls, and ceilings. Floor-to-ceiling frameless glass partitions and sliding doors can be capped at the top and bottom of the glass with steel framing.

Creating a statement with office glass is a design trend that is likely to be around awhile. The versatility of this kind of surface is as limitless as your imagination, so find the best way to use it to the advantage of your brand and your design.