Private Office Furniture

Determining how you work and how you interact with people is the first step toward designing your office. The office furniture world has evolved to provide a myriad of modern desking options to match your privacy and/or collaboration as well as storage needs. Some other things to consider include:

  • Determine your work style, do you work alone or in a group?
  • What shape desk will give you the most functionality: traditional, U-shaped or L-shaped?
  • Would a sit-stand desk fit your workstyle?
  • Decide what your storage requirements are: How many drawers do you need? Do you need bookshelves and/or a credenza.
  • If file storage is needed in your office, do you want it concealed or matching your furniture?
  • Do you prefer solid wood, wood veneer, laminate, metal or glass?

Private Office Products We Carry

This is only a partial sample to get your ideas flowing. As always, make contact with us to speak to an advisor.