Is A Refurbish In Your Office Future?

Refurbished office furniture is part of the growing trend of reducing, reusing, and reinventing the workplace. These buzzwords spark the imagination in an economy where time is of the essence but quality is still a key player. Your team is growing, your office needs sprucing up….what are you going to do?

Is a refurbish in your future? Well, it could save you some time and money! You can buy new, buy pre-owned, buy remanufactured or refurbish what you have. The most affordable thing to do is upcycle. If you are looking for affordability, customizability and eco-friendly options, then second hand may be the best solution. In most cases, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference and it can save you a lot of money. And here’s the other thing, if you need to add to your existing cubicle line up, with the right planning, you could refurbish them all with new fabrics and no one will be the wiser as far as appearances.

The differences between used, refurbished and remanufactured office furniture are sometimes confusing. They each share some common misconceptions.

Pre-owned office furniture is as the name implies used. Sometimes gently, sometimes not so gently! It is often sold as is with minor cosmetic dents and dings. This is your lowest price point, but sometimes there is not much flexibility. You can, however, spend some more money and customize the fabrics.

Refurbishers provide a cosmetic fix and touch-ups on the framing paint. If something is not working, a good refurbisher will be able to fix it. They can, however, swap out your fabrics if you are just looking for a cosmetic update.

Remanufactured office furniture is the higher end of the reuse spectrum. They will often strip down a piece to its frame and rebuild it to manufacturer specs at a fraction of the cost. Typically 40-75% less than new furniture, remanufactured items conserve labor, energy and the natural resources it takes to build a piece from scratch. Office furniture from top brands like Herman Miller, Knoll, and Steelcase that have been remanufactured offer great value on quality products at a reduced cost. You can get new fabrics and almost new framing and save a lot of money.

The second-hand options have their differences but in the end, they all share these common points:

  • Affordability
  • Customizability
  • Sustainability

So the best option for your needs may not be new after all. And Office Furniture NOW! can help you figure that out based on your budget and your needs. Our team has the knowledge to help you make a very informed decision.

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