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Top 5 Reasons To Rent Office Furniture

The many advantages of renting office furniture reside in the vital impact furniture can play on every aspect of your office space. It is the first impression you give to a potential employee or client. Not only is it utilitarian, it plays a significant role in the look and feel of your overall office design and the business acumen you project. Whether you’re just starting up or rapidly growing, the flexibility of renting can free up your cash flow and simultaneously allow you to create an impressive contemporary office design on a budget. Office furniture is often the biggest initial investment in your business. It plays a key role in your image branding and the way your work culture is formulated.


Accelerates A Startup: When you need furniture ASAP, renting is the best solution. Commercial furniture orders often have long lead times and can slow down a move, a new hire or a growth opportunity. Renting can often get you up and running in 48 hours or less if the pieces are on hand. Another plus for a startup is that rented furniture can be expensed for the total price each year, whereas purchased furniture is amortized over a longer period. If you are in a short-term lease or are subleasing a space, renting furniture can often make more financial sense than buying, especially if you plan to be in a space less than 24 months. Rental furniture is not only economical in short-term lease situations but less of a headache. Rental companies take care of all set-up and tear-down for you, leaving you to focus on what your business does best.

Conserves Capital: Small businesses and startups often lack the liquidity for a major office furniture purchase right out of the gate. Purchasing furniture ranks as the next major investment, besides your office space. Picking your battles and preserving other lines of credit so you can use the major capital for more significant things is often the deciding factor. Leasing to own or short term rental office furniture is a very cost-effective way to temporarily get the high-end, great looking office space you desire without the upfront price tag! In an established office, you can take advantage of renting to try out some new trends. Sit-Stand Desks can make an appearance. Maybe your conference room needs an update and you just are not sure what you want to do. Utilize renting office furniture to test some options.

Accommodates Growth & Unpredictability: Renting office space and furniture is budget friendly, tax deductible and great for businesses that experience intense or seasonal employment cycles. If you are a startup the same logic applies. You may need a lot of desks for a few months and then see a rapid reduction in office space and furniture needs. During times of rapid hiring and the changing space needs of a relocation or a downsize, renting office furniture can be the most sought after solution. Some savvy space planning can help you make the most out of both your space and the furnishings you select.

Brand Recognition & Office Morale: Furniture impacts more than just the outward appearance of your office. Morale, employee efficiency, productivity, and loyalty are also greatly impacted. It is a direct reflection of company resources and it translates a critical message to staff members seeking stability, as well as clients expecting a certain level of service. Rental furniture provides the opportunity for a fresh approach and an affordable way to add a more trendy, upbeat vibe to your business. New companies who do not yet have the resources to buy office furniture outright can still project a confident stable image. This kind of brand recognition has a lasting effect on new hires, investors, clients and vendors, who are actively looking for assurance in the company’s future prosperity.

Finding Your Style: Maybe you are still finding your niche in the business world and you just have not figured out where you fit in. The style you are projecting around the office can be a direct reflection of that. The last message you want to send out to the business community is conflicting information about what you do. Renting is a great opportunity to explore some workstyle options until you land on the right one for you. The public places in your office are a great place to start and gain some feedback. The lounge areas, the conference room, the reception area and any smaller meeting spaces are great areas to test out a style. Furniture should be collaborative and create a positive vibe.

Renting can give you more flexibility to upgrade, and expand your look on a dime. When you’ve landed on a style and the time comes to purchase your office furnishings, options for you to buy at the end of the rental period can be arranged. The flexibility of rental office furniture to meet short-term and transitional needs is legendary.

Every situation is unique, but suffice to say, renting office furniture can accommodate both short and long term office furniture needs in a cost effective and timely manner. Some short term needs might include:

  • Housing temporary staff
  • Short term corporate training events
  • Office additions
  • Meetings and special events
  • Business conferences and workshops

Office Furniture NOW! rents office furniture. We provide an easy, straightforward process to get your office where you want it to be. Small to mid-size businesses that have immediate office furniture needs utilize rental furniture to free up their capital and preserve their credit lines every day. Office design creates a strong first impression and has a significant impact on the occupants. If you have ever started a new job and been put in an old dingy office with a desk from the 1970s you will know precisely what I mean! It’s hard to be cutting edge and on top of your game, if your workspace is a throwback. Renting is the fast track to solving a gamut of problems just like that one.


teresa-blogMEET TERESA ALVAREZ:  Teresa is an office furniture specialist who can help your business find the best short or long term solution from our selection of rental office furniture and she can also answer any space planning questions you might have. With 12 years experience in the office interiors and office supply business, she can guide your inspiration. Contact her via email at or give her a call at 888-910-3769 x139.