sensory perception

Extra Sensory Perception In Office Design

With a little bit of sensory perception, Herman Miller has come up with an intuitive way to understand the metrics of how your team utilizes the technology of a well-designed office space. Innovative office furniture manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the user experience and gather data on what works and what doesn’t within the framework of office design and user experience.

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Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Tables & Desks are Super Awesome!

Height adjustable desks and tables ae designed to provide the benefit of standing at your desk. The human body is best served by a combination of sitting and standing. Studies show that sitting all day can contribute to diabetes, heart disease and early death (no kidding!).  Standing all day comes with its own problems, like varicose veins.  Studies show that a combination of sitting, standing – most importantly moving – is the healthiest option.

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