best chairs for back pain

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Best Office Chairs For Back Pain Relief

Finding the best chairs for back pain relief is a quest for many people who sit most of their workday. While many office seating companies claim to have lumbar support, they almost always lack in this area. 

One size does not fit all. It’s important to note that most of our team has tried some of these, not all. But please ask us about any concerns you have and we will find an answer for you. There is no way you could ever know everything about a chair, good or bad, without sitting in it first hand. 

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Learning To Love Open Plan

Learning To Love Your Open Plan Office

Learning to love your open plan office takes some ingenuity and willingness to set some new goals for yourself and how you work. If you are still struggling with the shift from traditional to open plan office, you may think there is just no way out. But there are some creative things you can do to make it work for you. Open plans work very well for extroverts and creative teams that thrive on social interaction and idea-sharing to get things done. But the introverts in the accounting department, who can be easily overwhelmed by stimuli and who need alone time to recharge and stay focused, might be silently struggling with the free-range workplace.

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creating a branded environment

Creating A Branded Environment

Creating a branded environment in your office is more than just chairs, desks and technology. It’s about engagement and storytelling. Building your story through environmental design woven into the workplace creates a unique user experience for your staff and your clients. Brand immersion is a strategy that fosters morale, productivity, and a deeper commitment through engagement.

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futurescaping workspace design

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Futurescaping Workspace Design

Futurescaping workspace design means designing innovative workspaces that tell your story. Workspace design is becoming increasingly more complex in terms of how offices function and operate in the modern business context. Designers on the front lines of workplace concepts are working to anticipate the ever-evolving needs of businesses while creating a cohesive brand environment that embraces innovation in tandem with a company’s corporate culture and vision.

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Office Design Trends For 2020

Office Design Trends For 2020

As the year draws to a close, we are excitedly looking forward to the office design trends of 2020. Color, sustainability and inclusiveness will be stealing the limelight this year. We’ve done some research, and we’re now ready to share these industry trend predictions for the coming year:

  • Vegan-sourced, organic and recycled fabrics with bold, clashing color palettes
  • Environments designed with physical and mental diversity in mind and more focus on work-life integration
  • Workspaces with modular, moving parts and more outdoor settings
  • More solutions to combat the privacy crisis in open office plans
  • A resurgence in informal working environments

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Integrative Workstations Solve The Open Plan Office Dilemma

Integrative workstations offer some light at the end of the tunnel if open plan design has left you baffled about what to do with your cubicle layout. If you have a cubicle based office, redesigning may seem like a daunting and impossibly expensive endeavor. But it may simply require a conversation with a space planner/designer to reveal some great opportunities for creating new dynamics around your office by integrating benching systems into the plan.

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making an entrance

Making An Entrance

Making an entrance is all about the pivotal first impression that happens the second someone steps into your reception area. It is the first thing employees, clients, and potential prospects see when they walk into your workspace. Your story starts behind that front door, so it’s a huge opportunity to say something exceptional about your product or service.

Working with a designer is a great way to start this process because it needs to not only function but speak to your brand. The goal is to create an elegant, beautiful and comfortable space that accurately embodies the tone of how you do business. This is often subjective and hard to pin down. So be prepared to ask yourself some important questions about what you want your reception area to say about your company.

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startup inspired office design

Tech Startup-Inspired Office Design Ideas

Startup-inspired office design takes its cues from the hotbed of innovation and inspiration of tech office culture. One of the main reasons tech startups are so revered is their unique business models, which allow for greater flexibility reflected in edgy office design and work style. Most startups operate on a shoestring and a skeleton crew, they value every square foot, hand select every employee and closely monitor their performance. The human factor is a significant player in the design strategy that creates the ultimate high-performance workspace environment. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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branded office environment

Make A Branded Office Environment Your Next Big Move

Branding your office environment creates more than just a beautiful space. It creates a funnel for recruitment, retention, and rejuvenated morale. Workspace design is a complex journey that has to provide not only pertinent furnishings and savvy space planning but it must communicate who you are quickly and concisely, to both visitors and employees. You put a lot of thought into creating your brand. A branded office environment transcends that effort.

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