Earn LEED Points for Office Furniture

LEED Design Points Austin              

  • What is “LEED”?
    “LEED” is a rating/certification system developed and administered by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).  LEED is an acronym for “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design”.  The LEED program is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing and recognizing high-performance, sustainable buildings. Members of the USGBC representing all segments of the building industry developed LEED and contribute to its evolution.
  • How does LEED apply to office furniture?
    LEED for Interior Design and Construction in Commercial Interiors (LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors) is a rating system that addresses the specifics of tenant spaces primarily in office and institutional buildings. LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors provides the opportunity for building tenants to design and certify high performance, healthy, durable, affordable, and environmentally sound workplaces. This is the category of LEED certification most directly applicable to the office furniture industry, i.e. for products purchased from Office Furniture NOW!
  • Where do I get more information about LEED?
    More information on these programs is available on the USGBC website.
  • Areas LEED Ratings Address
    Based on accepted energy and environmental principles, LEED emphasizes state of the art strategies for sustainable site development, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials & resources, and indoor environmental quality. There is also recognition for innovation in design, which rewards strategies that exceed or are not covered in the existing rating system. Finally, additional recognition can be achieved by designing to meet regional requirements.
  • LEED Rating Systems Applicable to Office Furniture Purchases
    Besides LEED ID+C: Commercial Interiors projects, there are several other LEED rating systems through which our clients may earn LEED points when they make purchases from Office Furniture NOW!  There are LEED programs for:

    • New Construction
    • Core & Shell
    • Schools
    • Neighborhood Development
    • Retail
    • Healthcare
    • Homes
    • Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance
    • Hospitality
  • Specific Categories to Earn LEED Points When Buying From Office Furniture NOW!
    Office Furniture NOW! products can support several areas of the LEED ID+C: for Commercial Interiors requirements. Specifically, these are:

    • Materials reuse
    • Recycled content
    • Regional materials
    • Rapidly renewable materials
    • Certified wood
    • Low-emitting materials
    • Daylight and views, and
    • Innovation in design
  • All LEED points are based on the total project scope, so the actual point contribution of Office Furniture NOW! to a project will vary on a case-by-case basis. Office Furniture NOW!  has a staff to assist in evaluating specific project contributions, but this will ultimately be the responsibility of each project’s team and LEED Project Administrator upon submission of the certification application.
  • How Can I Use Office Furniture NOW! to Earn LEED Certification?
    Office Furniture NOW!  products can support points for LEED certification since many of the requirements are readily met by us. The question of to what degree Office Furniture NOW! can assist in meeting LEED will always be based on case-by-case evaluation for your specific project and the design and planning of the furniture. We can support enough LEED for Commercial Interiors points to be substantial for any Commercial Interior project pursuing certification.

LEED Certifications

  • How Many Points Are Required For Certification?
    The number of points (of 110 total) required for various levels of LEED certification includes:

    • Certified: 40-49 points
    • Silver: 50-59 points
    • Gold: 60-79 point
    • Platinum: 80 and above points
  • Carefully selecting fabrics on your chairs and cubicle panels can lead to both healthier employees and LEED points.