Cubicles & Modular Workstations

Cubicles & Modular Systems: There is a reason cubicles are still going strong for more than 40 years. Cubicles perform a specific task better than most office furniture. They have evolved with more interesting fabrics textures and colors that can be personalized. Whether your cubicle system succeeds or not is a direct result of how much thought went into designing the cubicle layout. Benching systems and modular workstations exist because they fit the most people into a single open space for the lowest cost. Finding the best configuration and space planning solution for your team should incorporate work zones designed to support a range of tasks: focused work, meetings, presentations, collaborations, brainstorming, socializing, and quiet study or professional development. Some other things to consider include:

    • Cubicle and Modular Systems can be the most adaptable of office furnishings
    • Based on the amount of workspace and the number of people, they offer a very efficient use of space and workforce
    • Integrated storage and organizational accessories provide many options
    • Fabrics and surfaces can be customized to fit your décor
    • Careful space planning will help maximize the use of these systems
    • Have you thought about benching?


Cubicle and Workstation Products We Carry

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