conference room

Conference Room

The role of the traditional conference room is changing and evolving. Conference rooms are becoming more agile spaces that can quickly adapt to the meeting styles of the mobile workforce. We can help you determine the best solution for your how you meet. Most offices today lean toward spaces that can transition as needs change and adapt to variable meeting styles. Smaller huddle rooms and integrated touchdown spaces can often fulfill the need to meet more readily than a large boardroom table. Some other things to consider include:

  • Decide if this will be a multi-use space or dedicated meeting space
  • Plan for smaller huddle spaces that expand your meeting style with casual seating
  • Consider the lighting and audio needs if you utilize video/phone conferencing on a regular basis
  • Plan for electrical outlets and wire management
  • Select enough comfortable seating to accommodate your staff
  • Decide if you need counter space for serving, a refrigerator and perhaps a sink to accommodate all-day meetings/seminars

Conference Products We Carry

This is only a partial sample to get your ideas flowing. As always, contact us to get started.