Reception Furniture Austin

Reception Furniture

Your reception area is the first impression your clients, partners, and new contacts will have about you and your business. It is a huge opportunity to say something exceptional about your product or service and it should play a big role in your overall image branding with its color, style, and functionality. It sets a tone for what is to come in every conversation within your office. Providing the travel-weary comfortable seating, a place to recharge electronics if needed and a welcoming respite is crucial to its success. Some other things to consider are:

  • Feature your brand ethos in the colors, style of furnishings and messaging you showcase
  • Consider the primary use of the space before you begin, waiting rooms may require more comfortable seating
  • Some reception areas double as multi-use spaces, so consider a mix of seating
  • Provide electrical in case an impromptu meeting takes place
  • Provide some table space for guests
  • In a busy office, if your area is large enough, consider several smaller seating groups


Reception Area Products We Carry

This is only a partial sample to get your ideas flowing. As always, contact us to get started.