enriched environment

Enriched Environments Encourage Creativity

Creating an enriched environment is all about invigorating the physical space. Space planning for an open plan environment is often overlooked as an opportunity to inspire, engage and boost employee performance. Within the constant pulse of competing for the same talent, finding ways to differentiate your business is essential. Creatively leveraging and communicating authentic culture, vision and amenities can elevate stark, impersonal open environments into innovative hives of collaboration and productivity.

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ergonomic task chairs

Our Top Five Ergonomic Task Chairs

Ergonomic task chairs are an essential item to choose when configuring your office for comfort and productivity. Office chairs are the most personal and customized piece of office furniture people use. While most desks fulfill their purpose in a way that is generally understandable by looking at them and imagining how they will work in your space, seating is more intuitive because the task chair’s job is to fit you like a glove or a good pair of shoes. Meanwhile, everyone has a different body type as well as different ideas of what comfort and ergonomics mean. For this reason, we polled our furniture consultants who see, try out and often elect to use the many task chairs that we offer every day. They are the experts when it comes to furniture that you have to feel in order to get to know.

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