Workspace Noise

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Reducing Workspace Noise

Reducing Workspace noise is one of the most common issues in corporate office environments—especially in open office concepts where employees are working in close proximity with little or no separation. If you’ve ever worked in a similar environment, then you know how distracting this can be. But a noisy workplace can be more than just a distraction. Multiple studies have shown that too much noise in the office can seriously reduce productivity, increase stress, lower job satisfaction and decrease employee morale.

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What The Talent Wants In Your Office Design

What the talent wants plays a huge role in not only acquisition but office design. When one is in the market for a career change or a new job, expectations are high. The thrill of the hunt, the fresh change of people and place. The exciting opportunity to embrace the change is all part of this process. Stepping into an outdated office puts the brakes on that enthusiasm.

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The Collaboration of Color In Your Office Design

The collaboration of color is an integral part of creating meaningful workspaces that encourage productive behaviors. Corporate office design has been in a neutral zone for a very long time. Take a look around your office. Are the walls dull and reminiscent of an institutional building rather than a place of dynamic collaboration? Punching up your agility with color is one of the simplest ways to create a culture of innovation.

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office privacy

Personal Workspace & The Return of the Cubicle

In a sea of open office design, personal workspace has been the most affected commodity. Amidst all the innovative furniture design that supports employee health and wellness goals, there was one trend that significantly stands out among the rest: the return to privacy. As companies continue to monitor big shifts in office design that foster taking better care of their employees through better office design, the adaptable, dependable cubicle is clearly making a comeback with some surprising adaptations.

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workplace barriers

Breaking Down Barriers In The Workplace

Even with the best of intentions in an open plan office design, workplaces can be challenged by communication barriers that can impede their success story. What is commonly referred to in business circles as the Silo Mentality is defined by the Business Dictionary as the mindset present when certain departments or sectors do not wish to share information with others in the same company. This type of mentality will reduce efficiency in the overall operation, reduce morale, and may contribute to the demise of a productive company culture. It all comes down to accountability and communication.

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workbench technology

WATER COOLER CHAT: Workbench Technology, An Idea Whose Time Has Come…Again.

Workbench technology is an enduring workplace tradition, for many good reasons. Benching systems are a simple, efficient, straightforward and adaptable. From the crude wood tables used for centuries by artisans and craftspeople to today’s sleek and technology-infused versions for knowledge workers, benching is a concept that’s continuing to evolve to meet a wide variety of workplace needs. In North America, the trend toward benching has been catching on fast because it’s a hard-working solution that addresses converging business realities.

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open plan

Open Plan Office – Good or Bad for Productivity & Happiness?

A recent article by Maria Konnikova on talks about the detrimental effects of open plan offices.  The title of her article, “The Open-Office Trap,” shows you where she stands on the subject.  She points to a study by an organizational psychologist Matthew Davis which found that “though open offices often fostered a symbolic sense of organizational mission, making employees feel like part of a more laid-back, innovative enterprise, they were damaging to:

  • Attention span
  • Productivity
  • Creative thinking and
  • Satisfaction

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Dogbone Open Plan Cubicles

Dogbone cubicles are a flexible configuration that encourages employee collaboration. Trends in office furniture style and layout have changed radically in the last ten years. Cubicles with high walls that gave employees quiet and privacy have gone out the window in favor of an open plan office layout which encourages interdepartmental collaboration between employees.

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