It’s Complicated: Finding A Balance With the Sit-Stand Work Ethic

We’ve all heard that sitting has been called the new smoking. Standing all day causes a host of other issues including leg and back fatigue. Striking a balance between excesses of the two is leading employers to realize that they need to take measures to address how too much of either contribute to stress in the office work environment. The solution is creating movement throughout the office, it is essential for the overall health of your employees. Sit-Stand desks have entered the workforce with renewed focus on the physical ramifications of the sedentary nature of desk jobs.

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ergonomic furnishings

Can Ergonomic Chairs and Desks Raise Your Productivity?

Sedentary work can take a huge toll on your spine, compressing disks and decreasing circulation. Likewise, hours of repetitive motion with a traditional mouse and keyboard can lead to painful situations. With ergonomic office furnishings you can create a workspace that will provide a more stable environment for your back, neck, shoulders and wrists. Improving your posture through transitional seating, desks and electronics can increase your productivity and comfort level.

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gel mat

The Ergonomics of Anti-Fatigue Mats

A guide to anti-fatigue mats

The health benefits of sit-stand desks are well documented. Health experts from top medical schools agree that standing more and sitting less offers a reduced risk of diabetes as well as a reduced risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. To go along with your sit-stand desk, we recommend using an anti-fatigue mat. It’s sort of like an ergonomic chair for your heels and lower spine, except that you use it when you’re standing.

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Sit-Stand Height Adjustable Tables & Desks are Super Awesome!

Height adjustable desks and tables ae designed to provide the benefit of standing at your desk. The human body is best served by a combination of sitting and standing. Studies show that sitting all day can contribute to diabetes, heart disease and early death (no kidding!).  Standing all day comes with its own problems, like varicose veins.  Studies show that a combination of sitting, standing – most importantly moving – is the healthiest option.

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