ergonomic office furniture

Saving Money Through Ergonomics

Ergonomic office furniture and accessories are good for your company’s bottom line. When two designers working in the middle half of the 20th century pioneered the science of ergonomics, governments and companies quickly lined up to adopt their products. Neils Diffrient and Henry Dreyfuss had hit upon a revolutionary concept – that tools should fit the form of human motion and not the other way around.(1) Governments and major companies agreed and quickly adopted these new ergonomic products for mission critical applications like chairs for submarines, tractors and commercial airlines.(1) Maybe these large institutions were compelled to purchase ergonomic based on their access to studies about the types of injury workers sustain over long periods of time. After all, these governments and large companies are familiar with implementing pensions and accommodating workers comp claims over decades, and not just the couple of hours or so it takes to pick a chair.

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call center cubicles

Call Center Cubicles Essentials

Call center cubicles and workstations are rapidly increasing in popularity due to their efficient layout. They are the best way to comfortably accommodate employees where it is necessary to maximize the number of people in a given workspace. They are completely configurable in almost every way starting with the size of the area each person on the floor will be working in. We are expert in helping you to configure call center workstations and invite you to schedule a consultation. You can choose a specific desk width, panel height, panel fabric, work surface laminate color and texture, storage options and desk shape.

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ergo monitor arms

The Ergonomics of Flat Panel Monitor Arms

There is quite a bit to learn about ergonomic monitor stands because they offer a variety of functionality. The sophisticated ones offer a lot more function than you might imagine. Meanwhile, with LCD monitors being universally prevalent, new ergonomic monitor arms and monitor stands are a lot cheaper than most people think. The two principal reasons users purchase flat panel display monitor stands are that they make any workspace more ergonomic and they maximize desk work area.

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gel mat

The Ergonomics of Anti-Fatigue Mats

A guide to anti-fatigue mats

The health benefits of sit-stand desks are well documented. Health experts from top medical schools agree that standing more and sitting less offers a reduced risk of diabetes as well as a reduced risk of mortality from cardiovascular disease. To go along with your sit-stand desk, we recommend using an anti-fatigue mat. It’s sort of like an ergonomic chair for your heels and lower spine, except that you use it when you’re standing.

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