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WELCOME TO OUR NEWS BOARD! Thanks for stopping by! We will be sharing current information and product updates on this forum to keep you informed and included in our endeavors.

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WE ARE ONE OF THE TOP 20 HOME & OFFICE DESIGN INFLUENCERS! Our blog was recognized for being experts with hands-on experience in the industry, delivering spot-on elaborate views on different aspects of office furniture from an expert’s perspective and consistently providing invaluable insights into corporate culture and employee wellness. Thank you Shore Office Warehouse!

ofn_blog_50OUR BLOG MADE FEEDSPOT’S TOP 50! We are so excited to announce that the Office Furniture NOW! blog has been selected by Feedspot panelists as one of the Top 50 Office Furniture Blogs on the web!!

COME VISIT OUR NEW SHOWROOM! We are now located in South Austin at 4201 Supply Court, off Burleson Road. GET DIRECTIONS

ofn_ownerNEW OWNER! Larry Guyette, President of Office Furniture NOW! since November 2014, became the new owner in April 2016. Larry brings with him a visionary approach for our growth, including the rebranding and marketing of Office Furniture NOW! The first glimpse of this was our new website, launched in the summer of 2016. Cleaner more readable content, more concise navigation and the opportunity to view a more updated inventory online drove this change. The new format provides a more user-friendly environment for viewing the wonderful products sold at Office Furniture NOW!

MORE TRUCKS! THE NEW TRUCKS HAVE ARRIVED! We’ll be out and about with our new look to better serve our customers in Austin and the surrounding areas!

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This is only a partial sample to get your ideas flowing. As always, make contact with us to speak to an advisor.