commercial office space

WATER COOLER CHAT: Time To Move Into A Commercial Office Space

A commercial office space typically means you’ve arrived. There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when the only thing left to do is move out of that tiny home office and into a brand new commercial office space. As the wheelhouse grows, so will your staff and your reach. You’ll have to make room for expansion – sometimes quite literally.  So how can you tell that the time has come to relocate your line of business to commercial office space?

As your business expands, so will your technology needs.  Before you know it, your brand will have to step up its tech game to maintain productivity. If you’re at a point where you need to invest in new equipment and technologies, your home office may no longer be a viable option to conduct future business

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Rethinking Office Desks

Rethinking how your team uses office desks and seeking alternatives that enhance a more modern workflow is a vital part of today’s office design. As more employees reconfigure their work days to include telecommuting, remote-based work, and collaborative meetings, the number of dedicated office desks is diminishing. It might be worthwhile to ask your employees if their personal workspace meets their productivity and comfort levels.

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home office style

WATER COOLER CHAT: Productive Home Office Style

Home office style embodies your comfort zone. With working from home becoming the new normal, a home office is a great opportunity to create an environment that fits your unique personality, workstyle and inspire more productivity. Architectural Digest has assembled a collection of truly inspired home offices that will give you a starting point to transform your in-home workspace into something extraordinary. The mobile lifestyle of today makes it easier to work from anywhere. Even if you commute daily to an office in the city, work still may find its way home. Retreating to a secluded space within your home to finish up a project or just acquire more focus on the details of a proposal is just the way we work today.

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What Colors Work Best In An Office Environment?

There are tons of articles out there on color in the workplace, but the proof is in the application. For me as a designer, color sets the tone of a space. If you walk into an office that is sterile gray with no pops of color anywhere to be seen you will notice that the people have a somber tone about them. You most likely could hear a pin drop in there! I recently came from such a work environment….and it was just as I described!

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Can Coworking Spaces Be Profitable For Your Business?

Coworking can become profitable for your business when you are just starting up. Working outside the box is becoming more and more the norm, people are leaving the traditional office behind in their search for better work/life balance, but the lure of the home office sometimes misses the mark. Depending on what you do, the need for meeting spaces that are not coffee shops and collaboration that is not via the telephone may still be a key element of your business day. Sometimes you just need a place to meet that is a professional, business neutral place to discuss your proposal or just meet a client for the first time. And sometimes you just need a change of scenery! This is where coworking spaces enter the equation.

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Is A Refurbish In Your Office Future?

Refurbished office furniture is part of the growing trend of reducing, reusing, and reinventing the workplace. These buzzwords spark the imagination in an economy where time is of the essence but quality is still a key player. Your team is growing, your office needs sprucing up….what are you going to do?

Is a refurbish in your future? Well, it could save you some time and money! You can buy new, buy pre-owned, buy remanufactured or refurbish what you have. The most affordable thing to do is upcycle. If you are looking for affordability, customizability and eco-friendly options, then second hand may be the best solution. In most cases, it’s pretty hard to tell the difference and it can save you a lot of money. And here’s the other thing, if you need to add to your existing cubicle line up, with the right planning, you could refurbish them all with new fabrics and no one will be the wiser as far as appearances.

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desk shapes

Shapes of Office Desks: Why Choose One Over Another?

The executive office of today has the luxury of choosing from a wide range of desk shapes that are highly configurable. Even the traditional rectangular office desks have a number of items that users can add to them. Choosing an office desk that will work for the way you work will give you optimum functionality. Asking yourself the right questions will help you decide which materials, storage needs and integrated features will work best with your work style. The type of business you are in will also help you determine the best style of desk for the image you need to project.

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L-shaped desk

The Scoop on L-Shaped Desks

L-shaped desks are a popular choice for both commercial and home offices. They are the best all-around use of the space for one person. An L-shaped desk can provide not only a lot of work space to spread out your work, but it can also extend workable space in a small room. It is the ideal configuration for a singular occupant and allows you to set up your computer on one side while providing ample room to spread out projects on the other side close at hand.  It’s an ideal arrangement whether your office is at home or in a commercial space

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reception desks

Reception Desks: Your First Point of Contact

Reception desks are the first office furniture item people see when they enter your place of business. This is where the conversation about your business begins. It’s the first chapter of the story about what you do and how you interact with the professionals in you business sector.  Choosing the right reception area desk for your front lobby will help you to make a great impression from the beginning. The reception station is a central piece that many designers use to anchor their design style, choosing all other reception room furniture to match.

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