comfortable office chairs

Getting Comfortable With Your Office Chairs

Selecting comfortable office chairs is the single best investment you can make in your team. Task chairs are the foundation of office ergonomics. Task seating is specifically designed to handle the daily grind of sitting for 8+ hours a day. Correct body support through ergonomic design is a must to avoid back, neck and shoulder pain. Let’s take a look at the anatomy of the task chair and how each component works together to provide support for your daily tasks.

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home office style

WATER COOLER CHAT: Productive Home Office Style

Home office style embodies your comfort zone. With working from home becoming the new normal, a home office is a great opportunity to create an environment that fits your unique personality, workstyle and inspire more productivity. Architectural Digest has assembled a collection of truly inspired home offices that will give you a starting point to transform your in-home workspace into something extraordinary. The mobile lifestyle of today makes it easier to work from anywhere. Even if you commute daily to an office in the city, work still may find its way home. Retreating to a secluded space within your home to finish up a project or just acquire more focus on the details of a proposal is just the way we work today.

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refurbished furniture

WATER COOLER CHAT: Lessening Your Footprint With Refurbished Furniture

It sounds complicated, but refurbished furniture can make a difference as a consumer and a company with your buying power. Office Furniture NOW! has been reducing the amount of solid waste – including hazardous waste – that has been going to the landfill for years by selling refurbished office furniture. The office furniture business is a bulky business. A task chair takes up about 15 cubic feet of space; a desk suite takes up about 100 cubic feet. There is a huge amount of cardboard and packaging materials that arrive with each new desk or chair. Reuse and resale re-establishes the balance by giving usable furniture a new life and lessening the land ll impact. Office Furniture NOW! continues to do its part.

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leather office furniture

What You Need to Know About Leather Office Furniture

Leather is an attractive natural material that works well in both contemporary and classic designs. As a natural material, it can be quite expensive, and therefore manufacturers have a number of ways to make items that are partially leather, or appear to be leather. Given the price and desirability of leather furniture, it is most often relocated to private offices. The skill at which manufacturers can make products that look and feel good on the showroom floor, but may not stand the test of time, it is useful to arm yourself with information before making a purchase.

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