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How’s your home office holding up? A home office is a great opportunity to create an environment that fits your unique workstyle and inspires more productivity. It may be a dedicated space or a nook tucked somewhere out of view. Large or small, it should still be big on style and get the job done. A home office should have a wonderful desk, good task lighting, and comfortable ergonomic seating.  It’s a place where your personality can come shining through in the design. You’ll spend some productive time there, so it is also an opportunity to customize the furnishings to fit the kind of work you do and create the kind of space that keeps you productive on a daily basis without distraction. Modern benching systems can multitask at home too! They can combine dining, collaborative, a makerspace, work from home + homeschooling solutions so you never miss a beat.

Some things to consider are:

  • Good ergonomic seating
  • Desks that are proportional to the space, since most home offices are smaller
  • Make sure you have an outside view, it’s good for productivity
  • Good task and ambient lighting is essential
  • Great opportunity for pre-owned furnishings that can be customized
  • Make sure your technology is up to date
  • Looking for an all-in-one solution for a small space? Take a look at benching!
  • We have furniture options in our showroom to fit any style and budget


Home Office Products We Carry

This is only a partial sample to get your ideas flowing. As always, contact us to get started.