liquidate office furniture austin

Liquidate Your Office Furniture

Sometimes opting to liquidate your office furniture is the best way to start again. Whether you are relocating, downsizing, reorganizing, moving, or upgrading your existing furniture, we can assist in several ways.

We professionally purchase, disassemble, and remove all types and brands of excess furniture. We also provide top-notch logistical coordination, seasoned project management and a keen awareness of the importance of collaboration, details, deadlines, and follow-through. You can often avoid the high costs of storing office furniture by trading it in or liquidating it.

  • We Buy: We’ve obtained used cubicles and chairs from Fortune 500 companies; conference tables and files from banks and law firms; and desks and bookcases from small businesses. Large or small, we can help at any stage of your business journey.
  • Trade-In: Do you want to give your office a new look? Has your office furniture become obsolete? A trade in will allow you to get rid of furniture you don’t want and purchase furniture to upscale the look of your office. We accept trade-ins from clients for credit to offset the costs of updating their office furniture.