office space planning & design austin

Space Planning & Design

Your office space planning & design determine your workflow and the efficiency of your team to accomplish their goals. Equipped with the latest computer design software, our designers are highly trained to create the most efficient floor plan for your office. We can start with your CAD files or create new ones. Two and three-dimensional rendering allows you to easily envision your finished workspace. With professional space planning and design, you will maximize each square foot of office space.

Efficient space planning can:

  • Ascertain the best selection & arrangement of office furniture to maximize productivity
  • Optimize the use of any size office space
  • Maximize office functionality by reconfiguring your existing layout
  • Our design team is knowledgeable in all major name-brand modular systems
  • We can help you ascertain if any additional items are needed and what will work best for your space
  • If less furniture is required, we can uninstall it and advise on the trade-in, upgrade or liquidation
  • We can tear-down, change, install and move any cubicles or furniture on site