comfortable office chairs

Getting Comfortable With Your Office Chairs

Selecting comfortable office chairs is the single best investment you can make in your team. Task chairs are the foundation of office ergonomics. Task seating is specifically designed to handle the daily grind of sitting for 8+ hours a day. Correct body support through ergonomic design is a must to avoid back, neck and shoulder pain. Let’s take a look at the anatomy of the task chair and how each component works together to provide support for your daily tasks.

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small spaces

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Small Spaces With Big Ideals

Small spaces can have just as much impact as expansive office plans. Open plan office design has lead to some interesting discussions and very forward-thinking ideas. Not the least of which is where and how these discussions take place. Large conference room spaces have given way to smaller seating groups strategically positioned around the office for a quick huddle. Small spaces can have some pretty big ideals for the unused areas in your office by encouraging stylish collaboration on the fly.

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best office space

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Choosing The Best Office Space

Choosing the best office space is tricky business. Sometimes the space you love just does not have the parking, adaptability or amenities to make the space work into the future. There are a lot of factors to consider for clients, staff and business owners trying to think ahead of their own growth. Whether you are a startup or an established brand, the challenges are the same.

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choosing office furniture

WATER COOLER CHAT: Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

Choosing office furniture is a significant part of your business journey. A typical office workday still involves the majority of time spent in front of a computer, sitting in a chair behind a desk. In today’s mobile office environment, workers are telecommuting, working remotely and adjusting time spent in the office environment. Creating an agile workspace that allows for all types of workflows will give you more bang for your buck when selecting office furnishings.

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shifting workforce

WATER COOLER CHAT: Some Insights on Shifting Workforce, Shifting Expectations

As we create new workplaces to support organizational goals, those workplaces must do their part to attract and retain top talent and enable team performance. Much has been written about what the newest members of the workforce want and how to design for them. This shifting workforce is driving the change of expectation across the board.

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WATER COOLER CHAT: Design Inspiration From A Branding Client

Foote, Cone & Belding is a New York branding agency that guides the corporate images of companies like Diet Coke, John Deere, and Samsung Electronics understands that the strongest brands need to permeate every aspect of a corporation.

While views and references to the city were key elements in the plans to renovate three floors of the 1898 Gimbals department store, additional needs also had to be considered. The space and its furniture, for instance, had to be highly flexible and functional to accommodate collaborating teams and company growth. It also had to be comfortable for the 900+ employees, from the office furniture and lounge areas to a consistent climate and plenty of light. Get Inspired

touchdown spaces

Touchdown Spaces: How the Open Office is Changing the Way We Work

Office environments are evolving. They are changing to keep up with the way people work today in some surprising new ways. The nouveau office is a flexible, open, mixed-use space that incorporates the use of touchdown stations or places for impromptu meetings that are easy to maneuver and convert featuring lightweight tables, chairs and whiteboards.

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What Colors Work Best In An Office Environment?

There are tons of articles out there on color in the workplace, but the proof is in the application. For me as a designer, color sets the tone of a space. If you walk into an office that is sterile gray with no pops of color anywhere to be seen you will notice that the people have a somber tone about them. You most likely could hear a pin drop in there! I recently came from such a work environment….and it was just as I described!

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Can Coworking Spaces Be Profitable For Your Business?

Coworking can become profitable for your business when you are just starting up. Working outside the box is becoming more and more the norm, people are leaving the traditional office behind in their search for better work/life balance, but the lure of the home office sometimes misses the mark. Depending on what you do, the need for meeting spaces that are not coffee shops and collaboration that is not via the telephone may still be a key element of your business day. Sometimes you just need a place to meet that is a professional, business neutral place to discuss your proposal or just meet a client for the first time. And sometimes you just need a change of scenery! This is where coworking spaces enter the equation.

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