optimized workspace

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Optimize Your Workspace

An optimized workspace is all about maximizing efficiency, which is always on the corporate agenda. The best place to start is your office design, where productivity and employee wellbeing begin. 

Taking the time to optimize your workspace into a place where impact can be made within your brand environment is a significant player for productivity. Office managers are realizing the importance of creating a workspace that sparks creativity, flourishes with efficiency and keeps employees happy.  Read more

well-designed office

The Benefits Of A Well-Designed Office Environment

Creating a well-designed office space that encourages productivity and is collaborative for both employees and clients is a very rewarding experience. If you could imagine your perfect work environment, what would that look like? Is it open, bright and colorful? Is it muted tones, quiet and subdued? Does it have rows of open benching, down the center, with glass walled nooks for private meetings around the edges of the space? Or classic individual offices?

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workbench technology

WATER COOLER CHAT: Workbench Technology, An Idea Whose Time Has Come…Again.

Workbench technology is an enduring workplace tradition, for many good reasons. Benching systems are a simple, efficient, straightforward and adaptable. From the crude wood tables used for centuries by artisans and craftspeople to today’s sleek and technology-infused versions for knowledge workers, benching is a concept that’s continuing to evolve to meet a wide variety of workplace needs. In North America, the trend toward benching has been catching on fast because it’s a hard-working solution that addresses converging business realities.

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Office Ergonomics

WATER COOLER CHAT: Office Ergonomics Not Emerging Fast Enough

The goal of today’s office ergonomics is focused on fitting the workspace and technology to the individual, thus reducing the risk of injuries and helping people work effectively. However, the very nature of work is changing. Technology has freed people to work anywhere, and a growing proportion of that work is collaborative and social. In response, organizations are supplementing the private office and cubicle with a wide variety of interactive group and social spaces.

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workplace wellbeing

WATER COOLER CHAT: Building Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing has become part of the workplace ethos in a dynamic way. As companies are pursuing organizational wellbeing with an enthusiasm never seen before for talent acquisition and retention. Building workplace wellbeing seems to be the right thing to do for employees, plus there’s the potential for lower absenteeism and fewer medical claims. Substantial cost savings are at stake, too. For example, thanks in part to the company’s wellbeing efforts, Steelcase health insurance premiums in 2013 will increase about 3%, less than half the 7.5% increase estimated for the year by Price Waterhouse Coopers.

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