Workplace Wellness Experience

The Workplace Wellness Experience

The workplace wellness experience takes on a deeper meaning post-pandemic. As we strive to regain footing and provide a safe, common-sense driven workplace, open plan hives of productivity will become more sheltered. Wellbeing will be in the driver’s set with significant attention being paid to social distancing, visible housekeeping, and boundaries. Workstation areas will no longer have the crowded café feel, they will be de-densified to maintain social distancing. Every organization’s return to the office will be customized to their circumstances, but each will have a few commonalities:

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Managing workplace disruption has become an overnight priority as COVID-19 pandemic protocols have become the new normal. The boundaries of how far organizations thought wellbeing

Managing Workplace Disruption

Managing workplace disruption has become an overnight priority as COVID-19 pandemic protocols have become the new normal. The boundaries of how far organizations thought wellbeing and flexible workplace policies could stretch have been extended beyond what was ever thought possible. Even organizations like universities and utilities, with more traditional workplace cultures, are directing staff to work remotely in an effort to keep employees safe and slow the spread of the virus. Organizations that already had a substantial work-from-home population are also finding the need to quickly and unexpectedly expand their remote work programs to keep their teams collaborative for an undetermined amount of time.

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Learning To Love Open Plan

Learning To Love Your Open Plan Office

Learning to love your open plan office takes some ingenuity and willingness to set some new goals for yourself and how you work. If you are still struggling with the shift from traditional to open plan office, you may think there is just no way out. But there are some creative things you can do to make it work for you. Open plans work very well for extroverts and creative teams that thrive on social interaction and idea-sharing to get things done. But the introverts in the accounting department, who can be easily overwhelmed by stimuli and who need alone time to recharge and stay focused, might be silently struggling with the free-range workplace.

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creating a branded environment

Creating A Branded Environment

Creating a branded environment in your office is more than just chairs, desks and technology. It’s about engagement and storytelling. Building your story through environmental design woven into the workplace creates a unique user experience for your staff and your clients. Brand immersion is a strategy that fosters morale, productivity, and a deeper commitment through engagement.

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futurescaping workspace design

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Futurescaping Workspace Design

Futurescaping workspace design means designing innovative workspaces that tell your story. Workspace design is becoming increasingly more complex in terms of how offices function and operate in the modern business context. Designers on the front lines of workplace concepts are working to anticipate the ever-evolving needs of businesses while creating a cohesive brand environment that embraces innovation in tandem with a company’s corporate culture and vision.

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making an entrance

Making An Entrance

Making an entrance is all about the pivotal first impression that happens the second someone steps into your reception area. It is the first thing employees, clients, and potential prospects see when they walk into your workspace. Your story starts behind that front door, so it’s a huge opportunity to say something exceptional about your product or service.

Working with a designer is a great way to start this process because it needs to not only function but speak to your brand. The goal is to create an elegant, beautiful and comfortable space that accurately embodies the tone of how you do business. This is often subjective and hard to pin down. So be prepared to ask yourself some important questions about what you want your reception area to say about your company.

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office renovation tips

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Successful Office Renovation Tips

These successful office renovation tips can inspire some outside the box thinking for your workspace design. Even if you don’t think your office can handle it, we’ve got you covered. With office space at a premium, sometimes a renovation is the best option for a rapidly growing team. It also gets top marks for talent retention, acquisition, and morale. It’s all about carefully crafted space planning & design to determine optimal workflow and efficiency for your team to accomplish their goals.

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