Huddle Spaces

Huddle Spaces have become synonymous with the casual meeting style of the open office environment. As meetings have become more casual and in-the-moment, these smaller spaces have become the go-to point of connection. Huddles are perfect for the downsizing of a conference room, the multitasking of a breakroom or the revitalization of an underused corner in your office. Over the past several years, mobile and remote work has changed the footprint of today’s workplace. With fewer employees working 9 – 5 in the traditional office setting, the need for rows of workstations and traditional board rooms have left the open office floor plan. The boundaries have come down and conversations between teams have become more natural, free-flowing and collaborative. Huddle spaces incorporated into the office design encourange teams to meet with an option for privacy when needed. Consider these options for you team huddles:

    • Huddles are the perfect conferencing option for a smaller open plan office design
    • Keep the meeting experience consistent across huddle spaces
    • Make video a priority and incorporate the same video conferencing provider, meeting software and hardware across meeting rooms
    • Huddles are a great multitasking solution for reception areas and breakrooms
    • Intentionally design these small spaces to enrich mobility and encourange collaboration
    • Can be easily reconfigured to meet changing business needs
    • Provide concealed, integrated technology to add functionality 
    • Add movable sound masking or screening solutions for temporary privacy
    • Demountable glass wall solutions can provide privacy to huddle spaces



Huddle Products We Carry

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