Collaborative furnishings encourage engagement and the free sharing of information. With so many innovative design solutions, they can provide a lot of styles and affordability for any workstyle. These systems are usually installed without high walls or dividers, allow more ambient light into a workspace and allow for better air circulation. They may require more consideration to buffer noise, but there are sound masking options available. Space planning services will give you the best use of space with collaborative furnishings. Some other things to consider include:

  • Benching offers a variety of workplace applications to fit the unique needs of a wider range of work styles
  • Cubicle and Modular Systems can be the most adaptable of office furnishings
  • Touchdown spaces and huddle rooms that offer comfortable seating, electrical and wifi accessibility are indispensable for guests and the mobile workforce
  • Mobile furnishings that can quickly transform into a productive meeting space provide quick transition options for impromptu gathering, training and mixed use spaces
  • Sit-Stand Desks that quickly adjust your changing needs throughout the day
  • Contact us if transitional furnishings are  fit for your office and we can help you select the best options


Collaborative Products We Carry

This is only a partial sample to get your ideas flowing. As always, make contact with us to speak to an advisor.