Height Adjustable Desks Austin

Height Adjustable Desks

Height Adjustable desks make alternating from sitting to standing throughout the day simple. They reduce the chance of back pain and improve circulation which are essential to productivity. Adjustable desks can be set to periodically rise and fall to increase movement, even with sedintary work. Moving around is what we all need to do more of to keep our bodies healthy as well as create more interaction between colleagues in an office environment. There is supporting scientific evidence that movement throughout the work day does affect well-being and performance.

Rising healthcare costs and employee satisfaction have become key factors among the benefits of a flexible work environment. Adding height adjustable desks to existing workstations in an open plan concept can provide everyone a chance to see for themselves. 

Making the decision to purchase adjustable desks or risers for the work surfaces in your office should be considered carefully. Since this is a big change, purchasing or leasing 3-4 options and setting them up in a dedicated area within your office will allow your employees the freedom to try them out to see how they like the change and what benefits they might gain from it. Some other things to consider include:

  • Look for the right size sit-stand desk shape to fit your workspace
  • Height adjustable desks can be integrated into cubicle & workstation environments
  • Choose the best programmable features for your daily tasks
  • Select desks for ease of adjustability
  • Make sure the lift can accommodate the weight of your electronic devices
  • Select matching components to fit your office decor
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