Workplace Wellness Experience

The Workplace Wellness Experience

The workplace wellness experience takes on a deeper meaning post-pandemic. As we strive to regain footing and provide a safe, common-sense driven workplace, open plan hives of productivity will become more sheltered. Wellbeing will be in the driver’s set with significant attention being paid to social distancing, visible housekeeping, and boundaries. Workstation areas will no longer have the crowded café feel, they will be de-densified to maintain social distancing. Every organization’s return to the office will be customized to their circumstances, but each will have a few commonalities:

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creating a branded environment

Creating A Branded Environment

Creating a branded environment in your office is more than just chairs, desks and technology. It’s about engagement and storytelling. Building your story through environmental design woven into the workplace creates a unique user experience for your staff and your clients. Brand immersion is a strategy that fosters morale, productivity, and a deeper commitment through engagement.

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Integrative Workstations Solve The Open Plan Office Dilemma

Integrative workstations offer some light at the end of the tunnel if open plan design has left you baffled about what to do with your cubicle layout. If you have a cubicle based office, redesigning may seem like a daunting and impossibly expensive endeavor. But it may simply require a conversation with a space planner/designer to reveal some great opportunities for creating new dynamics around your office by integrating benching systems into the plan.

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office renovation tips

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Successful Office Renovation Tips

These successful office renovation tips can inspire some outside the box thinking for your workspace design. Even if you don’t think your office can handle it, we’ve got you covered. With office space at a premium, sometimes a renovation is the best option for a rapidly growing team. It also gets top marks for talent retention, acquisition, and morale. It’s all about carefully crafted space planning & design to determine optimal workflow and efficiency for your team to accomplish their goals.

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startup inspired office design

Tech Startup-Inspired Office Design Ideas

Startup-inspired office design takes its cues from the hotbed of innovation and inspiration of tech office culture. One of the main reasons tech startups are so revered is their unique business models, which allow for greater flexibility reflected in edgy office design and work style. Most startups operate on a shoestring and a skeleton crew, they value every square foot, hand select every employee and closely monitor their performance. The human factor is a significant player in the design strategy that creates the ultimate high-performance workspace environment. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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resimercial office design

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Welcome Home to Resimercial Design

Resimercial office design is a hybrid of residential and commercial design. It has made itself at home around the office, inspiring your team to get cozy with collaboration. The idea behind this trend speaks to redefining comfortable within the commercial environment. It encourages more relaxed engagement through casual office spaces that help employees perform at their best in a less structured environment. This is providing employers, staff, and planners with some amazing opportunities to exceed expectations for your team. 

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conference room updates

The Conference Room Debate

The iconic board room table has been a hot topic of discussion with regards to meeting today’s conference room needs. The conversation has become an exciting exchange of fresh ideas. As meeting styles have evolved into more conversational, less formal occasions, the design challenge has focused on smaller more dynamic spaces.

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flexible work trends

Bending To Flexible Work Trends

Bending to flexible work puts your team in the driver’s seat of their work experience. Progressive companies are embracing the flexible work ethic with their eye on the future of work and business development. Many are casting off traditional business models in favor of workspaces that look nothing like the offices of their past.

Today’s most coveted workplaces offer a pleasant juxtaposition of work, conversation, and rest areas, streamlined for collaboration on the fly. They are the enablers of mobile working options, freeing employees and contractors alike from the shackles of their desks.

Flexibility and unstructured work indulge a simple employee need. Investing in that need can create workplaces that are as dynamic as the business world itself—and your competition. By 2030, it is estimated that 30 percent of all offices will become flexible, on-demand workspaces.

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allergy free workspace

WATERCOOLER CHAT: An Allergy Free Workspace

Creating an allergy-free workspace can address any underlying wellbeing issues you may not have considered. The average American works at least eight hours a day in an enclosed space, bombarded by many unseen environmental foes. Sometimes the office may seem like a second home. But for those of us with allergies and asthma, getting through the day can be silently challenging.

Keeping your workspace as clean and allergen-free as your own home becomes a key player in wellbeing around the office. As an employer, if productivity is on your agenda, there are significant advantages to maintaining a comfortable working environment for everyone, while encouraging inclusiveness and participation by collaborative involvement. 

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