Office Design Trends For 2020

Office Design Trends For 2020

As the year draws to a close, we are excitedly looking forward to the office design trends of 2020. Color, sustainability and inclusiveness will be stealing the limelight this year. We’ve done some research, and we’re now ready to share these industry trend predictions for the coming year:

  • Vegan-sourced, organic and recycled fabrics with bold, clashing color palettes
  • Environments designed with physical and mental diversity in mind and more focus on work-life integration
  • Workspaces with modular, moving parts and more outdoor settings
  • More solutions to combat the privacy crisis in open office plans
  • A resurgence in informal working environments

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office renovation tips

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Successful Office Renovation Tips

These successful office renovation tips can inspire some outside the box thinking for your workspace design. Even if you don’t think your office can handle it, we’ve got you covered. With office space at a premium, sometimes a renovation is the best option for a rapidly growing team. It also gets top marks for talent retention, acquisition, and morale. It’s all about carefully crafted space planning & design to determine optimal workflow and efficiency for your team to accomplish their goals.

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5G Workspace

Developing The 5G Workspace

Developing The 5G Workspace is an idea whose time has come. The evolution of workplace design has witnessed plenty of incarnations in its quest to accommodate an ever-changing workforce. It sometimes appears to be a contest of extremes, but workspace design has risen to the challenge of providing the perfect environment for every level of expertise…simultaneously.

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optimized workspace

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Optimize Your Workspace

An optimized workspace is all about maximizing efficiency, which is always on the corporate agenda. The best place to start is your office design, where productivity and employee wellbeing begin. 

Taking the time to optimize your workspace into a place where impact can be made within your brand environment is a significant player for productivity. Office managers are realizing the importance of creating a workspace that sparks creativity, flourishes with efficiency and keeps employees happy.  Read more

perceptive workspace

The Perceptive Workspace of the Future

The evolution of the perceptive workspace is futurecast by the design problem-solving of today. Office spaces have embraced the colorful changes brought into the working life of millennials, but the future of office design will embrace a multigenerational workforce. Employee working needs and the importance of health and emotional wellbeing in the workplace will drive these workspace design changes. The success story of a business is now deeply tied to employee happiness, which improves the overall efficiency and the integral success of the workforce.

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