perceptive workspace

The Perceptive Workspace of the Future

The evolution of the perceptive workspace is futurecast by the design problem-solving of today. Office spaces have embraced the colorful changes brought into the working life of millennials, but the future of office design will embrace a multigenerational workforce. Employee working needs and the importance of health and emotional wellbeing in the workplace will drive these workspace design changes. The success story of a business is now deeply tied to employee happiness, which improves the overall efficiency and the integral success of the workforce.

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living office

The Living Office Concept

The Living Office concept was developed by office furniture manufacturer HermanMiller to embrace the fact that not everybody works the same way. In your business, exceptional teams detect problems and find solutions, all the while bringing exceptional creativity to the table. The Living Office design philosophy takes that strategy into your office design by creating a culture where individual workstyles are encouraged. Elevating the contribution and the commitment of the people spending time at the office every day.

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ergonomic task chairs

Our Top Five Ergonomic Task Chairs

Ergonomic task chairs are an essential item to choose when configuring your office for comfort and productivity. Office chairs are the most personal and customized piece of office furniture people use. While most desks fulfill their purpose in a way that is generally understandable by looking at them and imagining how they will work in your space, seating is more intuitive because the task chair’s job is to fit you like a glove or a good pair of shoes. Meanwhile, everyone has a different body type as well as different ideas of what comfort and ergonomics mean. For this reason, we polled our furniture consultants who see, try out and often elect to use the many task chairs that we offer every day. They are the experts when it comes to furniture that you have to feel in order to get to know.

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Diffrient ergonomic chairs

Diffrient Ergonomic Chairs Inspire a Generation of Innovators

Niels Diffrient ergonomic chairs inspired a generation of designers. His design career started in a whimsical fashion with his childhood love for airplanes. He began drawing and designing model airplanes as a way to get closer to them. Much later in life, Diffrient noted that he took the basic design approach developed during these formative years wherever he went. Even as he produced major work towards the end of his life, there was still a child inside, starting on paper then carving pieces into balsa and moving through his steps: “conception, engineering, building and flying”.  Read more

Eames office chairs

The Classic Eames Office Chairs & Their Creators

We celebrate good design and innovative ideas. And the modern design of Ray and Charles Eames has been a force of nature in office chair design. A California exhibition of their work entitled “Ray Eames: A Century of Modern Design” tells their story through design. Their Pinterest board description is: “Research for the upcoming exhibit celebrating the centennial of legendary California designer and Sacramento native Ray (Kaiser) Eames opening February 23, 2013. ” To see the museum’s Ray Eames Pinterest Board.

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