creating a branded environment

Creating A Branded Environment

Creating a branded environment in your office is more than just chairs, desks and technology. It’s about engagement and storytelling. Building your story through environmental design woven into the workplace creates a unique user experience for your staff and your clients. Brand immersion is a strategy that fosters morale, productivity, and a deeper commitment through engagement.

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branded office environment

Make A Branded Office Environment Your Next Big Move

Branding your office environment creates more than just a beautiful space. It creates a funnel for recruitment, retention, and rejuvenated morale. Workspace design is a complex journey that has to provide not only pertinent furnishings and savvy space planning but it must communicate who you are quickly and concisely, to both visitors and employees. You put a lot of thought into creating your brand. A branded office environment transcends that effort.

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branding your office environment

Branding Your Office Environment

Branding your office environment gives you a bold canvas upon which to tell your story. It is responsive in a way that white walls and corporate colors can never be. Communication provides a very important element in the dynamic of your marketing, but it doesn’t stop there. Environmental branding provides a very tactile solution to putting your brand and services in front of the staff and clients that enter your workspace. Unused spaces, like stairwells and hallways, can come to life with color, text, and graphics that tell your story. Creatively enforcing your brand message through your interior design can give your workstyle a personality unique to your business or service.

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The Branded Work Place: Engaging Your Team In Your Vision

Your brand is what makes you unique. It’s your identity among the competition. It is a voice that is largely heard through advertising, packaging and web design. But reinforcing that brand experience across your workforce will give you a much more valuable voice. The most effective strategy in any well choreographed office design combines technology, message, image and tone of voice. Engaging your team in your brand on a daily basis will do three things effectively:

  • Align: Creating a common sense of purpose through immersion in the essence of the brand
  • Inspire: Through messaging that visually convey’s the story, mission, vision and values of the company
  • Inform: Spreading knowledge by providing meaningful history and how that is moving forward with key initiatives

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