resimercial office design

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Welcome Home to Resimercial Design

Resimercial office design is a hybrid of residential and commercial design. It has made itself at home around the office, inspiring your team to get cozy with collaboration. The idea behind this trend speaks to redefining comfortable within the commercial environment. It encourages more relaxed engagement through casual office spaces that help employees perform at their best in a less structured environment. This is providing employers, staff, and planners with some amazing opportunities to exceed expectations for your team. 

As part of the constant quest for work-life balance, resimercial design brings a unique level of comfort to commercial interiors in the workplace. As meeting styles have become more casual, and office plans more open and engaging, it was only a matter of time before relaxed residential elements came to the table with innovative highly collaborative design strategies. 

Why Resimercial?

Powerhouse companies like Microsoft. Google, Uber, and Yelp have already tapped into this strategy by investing in resimercial design to increase employee retention, productivity, and creativity.

And it’s actually working!

Research has shown that workspaces providing comfort and inspiring feelings of happiness are connected to increased productivity. Aesthetically pleasing offices perform better for modern forward-thinking businesses. The main goal behind resimercial design and furnishing is to make the workspace a welcoming, comfortable place to spend time. If you are interested in changing things up a bit, shifting your office style to a more resimercial vibe requires a few starting points:  

  • Variability
  • Durability
  • Ambiance
  • Collaboration

Comfortable employees and clients are happier and more open to new ideas! And who doesn’t want that! If you are ready to step into the comfort zone and resimercial design sounds like a fit for you, our team will help you find the right transition pieces and floor plan to get you well on your way to establishing a unique design tailored to your specific goals. Download the white paper to get started.