startup inspired office design

Tech Startup-Inspired Office Design Ideas

Startup-inspired office design takes its cues from the hotbed of innovation and inspiration of tech office culture. One of the main reasons tech startups are so revered is their unique business models, which allow for greater flexibility reflected in edgy office design and work style. Most startups operate on a shoestring and a skeleton crew, they value every square foot, hand select every employee and closely monitor their performance. The human factor is a significant player in the design strategy that creates the ultimate high-performance workspace environment. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

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free-range workspace

The Free-Range Workspace

Office design, like any corporate endeavor, is about change and evolution. The constantly changing dynamic of work is the driving force behind the exciting office design trends and developments we blog about. Coworking spaces boomed in 2018 and continue to influence office design for talent acquisition and retention. The free-range workspace was inspired by the best of the coworking environment combined with the wide-ranging options of open plan office design.

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commercial office space

WATER COOLER CHAT: Time To Move Into A Commercial Office Space

A commercial office space typically means you’ve arrived. There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when the only thing left to do is move out of that tiny home office and into a brand new commercial office space. As the wheelhouse grows, so will your staff and your reach. You’ll have to make room for expansion – sometimes quite literally.  So how can you tell that the time has come to relocate your line of business to commercial office space?

As your business expands, so will your technology needs.  Before you know it, your brand will have to step up its tech game to maintain productivity. If you’re at a point where you need to invest in new equipment and technologies, your home office may no longer be a viable option to conduct future business

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Is The Open Plan Office Destroying Workplace Culture?

What if your office suddenly went from private to out in the open? What would be the biggest change you could imagine from the open office experience? How would you prepare and adapt your tasks? This begs the question: is the open plan office destroying workplace culture? A hundred questions and scenarios could begin coursing through your brain about coping in such an exposed situation where productivity is still paramount. In its effort for progress, it is becoming quite clear that the collaborative culture may have derailed itself with distraction.

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Workplace innovation

A Workplace Of Innovation Begins With Great Design

The best office layouts support the interaction of your team. Providing the right tools for them to function seamlessly with each other and still perform their individual tasks is an office design challenge that is in a constant state of evolution. In a 2016 workplace innovation survey conducted by Gensler, a statistical link was discovered between the functional design of the workspace and the quality of work and innovation ascribed to it by the employees. Creating a high-performance workplace creates an ecosystem of innovation that is a direct predictor of your staff performance.

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adaptable workspaces

Adaptable Workspaces

The absolute certainty in life and worklife is change. Finding inventive ways to adapt to the demands of the evolving workspace starts with a flexible design. Setting a foundation for the adaptable workspace will give your office an edge and allow you to continue evolving along with your team. Designing ahead of the change will give you longterm flexibility.

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Island Time: Finding the Balance of Connection When You Work Alone

When you are starting up a new venture, the thrill is huge! Embarking on the journey, setting your own hours, working from home and being flexible in your schedule is the lure of any startup. If you have passion for a new idea or product, the adrenaline is high, the motivation is high and the stress is not far behind. The flexibility of working from home is the goal of most entrepreneurs. But sometimes it’s not quite what it appears to be.

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collaborative work

WATER COOLER CHAT: Understanding Collaborative Work

Collaborative work has inspired most of the office furniture and workplace design changes for decades. For years, business leaders have understood that teamwork improves corporate success. More than a decade ago, nearly 80 percent of senior executives surveyed were already indicating that effective collaboration was crucial for growth. Today, the stakes are even higher. More and more organizations rely on the innovative thinking of their high-performing teams for collaborative work that makes a difference. But leaders struggle to create workplace environments that help people think and work together.

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