conference room updates

The Conference Room Debate

The iconic board room table has been a hot topic of discussion with regards to meeting today’s conference room needs. The conversation has become an exciting exchange of fresh ideas. As meeting styles have evolved into more conversational, less formal occasions, the design challenge has focused on smaller more dynamic spaces.

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free-range workspace

The Free-Range Workspace

Office design, like any corporate endeavor, is about change and evolution. The constantly changing dynamic of work is the driving force behind the exciting office design trends and developments we blog about. Coworking spaces boomed in 2018 and continue to influence office design for talent acquisition and retention. The free-range workspace was inspired by the best of the coworking environment combined with the wide-ranging options of open plan office design.

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Green Design Boosts Productivity

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Green Design Boosts Productivity

In addition to state of the art communications, ergonomic furniture and space plans that multi-task, workspaces have become, by design, leaner and greener. Green design boosts productivity in many hidden ways within office design. Air quality, lighting, and green spaces have become important factors for not only employee health and wellbeing, but for talent acquisition and retention.

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