allergy free workspace

WATERCOOLER CHAT: An Allergy Free Workspace

Creating an allergy-free workspace can address any underlying wellbeing issues you may not have considered. The average American works at least eight hours a day in an enclosed space, bombarded by many unseen environmental foes. Sometimes the office may seem like a second home. But for those of us with allergies and asthma, getting through the day can be silently challenging.

Keeping your workspace as clean and allergen-free as your own home becomes a key player in wellbeing around the office. As an employer, if productivity is on your agenda, there are significant advantages to maintaining a comfortable working environment for everyone, while encouraging inclusiveness and participation by collaborative involvement. 

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Green Design Boosts Productivity

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Green Design Boosts Productivity

In addition to state of the art communications, ergonomic furniture and space plans that multi-task, workspaces have become, by design, leaner and greener. Green design boosts productivity in many hidden ways within office design. Air quality, lighting, and green spaces have become important factors for not only employee health and wellbeing, but for talent acquisition and retention.

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milennial culture

WATERCOOLER CHAT: 5 Ways Millennials Enlighten Office Culture

Millennial culture has been influencing office design for a very long time. The 5G workforce is constantly evolving, and each level influences the next. This is played out across the work stage in terms of style, organization, communication, and office design. As the diligent Baby Boomers retire, the reliable Gen Xers and the socially-conscience Millennials are becoming the new face of company management and business practices. 

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Greener From The Inside Out

The landscape of workplace design is an exciting opportunity for the innovative thinking and creativity of green design. No matter how corporate the culture, attracting and keeping top talent hinges upon the ability to adapt. Tapping into the same out of box thinking with your office design will create a destination that keeps your staff engaged and productive. Solid research meets aesthetic when dynamic design teams up with green design for well-being and productivity.

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2018 office design trends

WATERCOOLER CHAT: 2018 Office Design Trends

2018 office design trends focus on well-being in the workplace. Creating healthier workspaces and fostering workstyles that create healthier choices will sharpen the focus on the human experience at the office. The static workstyle of being tied to a cubicle or a desk is leaving the building. Flexible spaces that focus on the ability to improve the utilization of space for everyone and building a culture that recognizes an individual’s value in the workplace will create a significant impact. This fresh approach is leading to some pretty unconventional workspaces with bolder colors and designs.

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Mixing It Up: Injecting Some Green Design With Reclaimed Building Materials

There has been a surge in the homebuyer and commercial real estate market in recent years for fixer-upper properties. This trend has largely been driven by upwardly mobile millennials. In a survey released by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate, 77% of those surveyed preferred a ‘purposeful home’ where they could make their own mark with upgrades in technology and design. This is very indicative of a generation interested in busting out of traditional roles and making a statement. Reclaimed materials transfer this message well forward into the work ethic and the tech startup culture millennials imbibe as they make their way up the corporate ladder.

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