2018 office design trends

WATERCOOLER CHAT: 2018 Office Design Trends

2018 office design trends focus on well-being in the workplace. Creating healthier workspaces and fostering workstyles that create healthier choices will sharpen the focus on the human experience at the office. The static workstyle of being tied to a cubicle or a desk is leaving the building. Flexible spaces that focus on the ability to improve the utilization of space for everyone and building a culture that recognizes an individual’s value in the workplace will create a significant impact. This fresh approach is leading to some pretty unconventional workspaces with bolder colors and designs.

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living office

The Living Office Concept

The Living Office concept was developed by office furniture manufacturer HermanMiller to embrace the fact that not everybody works the same way. In your business, exceptional teams detect problems and find solutions, all the while bringing exceptional creativity to the table. The Living Office design philosophy takes that strategy into your office design by creating a culture where individual workstyles are encouraged. Elevating the contribution and the commitment of the people spending time at the office every day.

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office privacy

Personal Workspace & The Return of the Cubicle

In a sea of open office design, personal workspace has been the most affected commodity. Amidst all the innovative furniture design that supports employee health and wellness goals, there was one trend that significantly stands out among the rest: the return to privacy. As companies continue to monitor big shifts in office design that foster taking better care of their employees through better office design, the adaptable, dependable cubicle is clearly making a comeback with some surprising adaptations.

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commercial office space

WATER COOLER CHAT: Time To Move Into A Commercial Office Space

A commercial office space typically means you’ve arrived. There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life when the only thing left to do is move out of that tiny home office and into a brand new commercial office space. As the wheelhouse grows, so will your staff and your reach. You’ll have to make room for expansion – sometimes quite literally.  So how can you tell that the time has come to relocate your line of business to commercial office space?

As your business expands, so will your technology needs.  Before you know it, your brand will have to step up its tech game to maintain productivity. If you’re at a point where you need to invest in new equipment and technologies, your home office may no longer be a viable option to conduct future business

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The Right Culture For Attracting & Keeping Top Talent

Attracting and keeping top talent is as competitive as ever with the multitude of options available to highly skilled job seekers. Flexible opportunities, remote working and the perks of an intention-driven workforce are forcing the change. Competing for talent in this environment requires businesses to understand a new generation of workers that want the benefits of the job to coincide with their values. Creating an attractive space for recruitment requires managers to think outside the traditional box and carefully consider the perks their company can offer to entice top talent into their team.

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Feeding Happiness Through Experience Driven Design

Experience driven design is leading the charge toward a happier workplace. People are the one constant in the perpetual striving for technological change, demographic shifts and raising the bottom line. Designers today are tasked with re-thinking and re-inventing how people experience every aspect of their lives and the places and spaces in which they live, work and collaborate.

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choosing office furniture

WATER COOLER CHAT: Tips for Choosing Office Furniture

Choosing office furniture is a significant part of your business journey. A typical office workday still involves the majority of time spent in front of a computer, sitting in a chair behind a desk. In today’s mobile office environment, workers are telecommuting, working remotely and adjusting time spent in the office environment. Creating an agile workspace that allows for all types of workflows will give you more bang for your buck when selecting office furnishings.

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branding your office environment

Branding Your Office Environment

Branding your office environment gives you a bold canvas upon which to tell your story. It is responsive in a way that white walls and corporate colors can never be. Communication provides a very important element in the dynamic of your marketing, but it doesn’t stop there. Environmental branding provides a very tactile solution to putting your brand and services in front of the staff and clients that enter your workspace. Unused spaces, like stairwells and hallways, can come to life with color, text, and graphics that tell your story. Creatively enforcing your brand message through your interior design can give your workstyle a personality unique to your business or service.

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office color

WATER COOLER CHAT: The Importance Of Color In Office Design

The psychology of office color brings another level of emotion to your design. Color affects the sympathetic nervous system, bringing forth (subconsciously) feelings and emotions in every individual. It’s deeper than just your brand colors and the imaging being displayed in your office. So it is no small wonder that companies and manufacturers are spending huge amounts of money to find the right colors for their products and how they are marketed. Branding and advertising designers have known and applied this theory from the start. It’s called brand immersion.

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feng shui

Bringing Your Office Into Balance with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of placement. It is an ancient Chinese design discipline that focuses on balancing the elements of a space to create a harmonious environment where energy, or “chi”, flows unencumbered throughout the space. The goal of Feng Shui is to bring a sense of balance, calm and harmony into the room by placing furniture in a manner that will not impede movement. Businesses looking to switch things up in their offices should consider implementing the elements of Feng Shui to improve the overall layout and resulting energy of their workplace. It can bring subtle beneficial change to productivity and workflow.

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