office renovation tips

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Successful Office Renovation Tips

These successful office renovation tips can inspire some outside the box thinking for your workspace design. Even if you don’t think your office can handle it, we’ve got you covered. With office space at a premium, sometimes a renovation is the best option for a rapidly growing team. It also gets top marks for talent retention, acquisition, and morale. It’s all about carefully crafted space planning & design to determine optimal workflow and efficiency for your team to accomplish their goals.

Why Renovate Your Office?

Historically, renovations can slow down productivity, disrupt flow and leave departments without facilities. IT ends up picking up the slack on top of having to do their regular jobs. General transition chaos ensues. But it can also be a time of opportunities and fresh ideas.

There is usually a very good reason for the renovation. Downsizing, growing, reorganizing for productivity or just freshening up the place are just a few stellar reasons for the change. When you’re ready to change things up, start by opening the lines of communication and keeping everyone in the loop with a common goal to eliminate as much friction as possible and generate some positive change with the process.

For some great ideas visit our Workspaces page and download this whitepaper for some successful office renovation tips to get you started:

  • Craft a renovation strategy
  • Design for change
  • Look for opportunities in disguise
  • Consider the neighborhood
  • Create a team-building atmosphere
  • Aesthetic refresh

We know office renovations are no picnic, but planning ahead can definitely ease the transition and provide you with some time to think ahead of any roadblocks. Our team is well versed on this process. From space planning to project management, we can help you navigate it with style. We will collaborate with you to schedule one or more individualized consultations to ensure that what you envision is beautifully brought to reality.