Office Design Trends For 2020

Office Design Trends For 2020

As the year draws to a close, we are excitedly looking forward to the office design trends of 2020. Color, sustainability and inclusiveness will be stealing the limelight this year. We’ve done some research, and we’re now ready to share these industry trend predictions for the coming year:

  • Vegan-sourced, organic and recycled fabrics with bold, clashing color palettes
  • Environments designed with physical and mental diversity in mind and more focus on work-life integration
  • Workspaces with modular, moving parts and more outdoor settings
  • More solutions to combat the privacy crisis in open office plans
  • A resurgence in informal working environments

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branded office environment

Make A Branded Office Environment Your Next Big Move

Branding your office environment creates more than just a beautiful space. It creates a funnel for recruitment, retention, and rejuvenated morale. Workspace design is a complex journey that has to provide not only pertinent furnishings and savvy space planning but it must communicate who you are quickly and concisely, to both visitors and employees. You put a lot of thought into creating your brand. A branded office environment transcends that effort.

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optimized workspace

WATERCOOLER CHAT: Optimize Your Workspace

An optimized workspace is all about maximizing efficiency, which is always on the corporate agenda. The best place to start is your office design, where productivity and employee wellbeing begin. 

Taking the time to optimize your workspace into a place where impact can be made within your brand environment is a significant player for productivity. Office managers are realizing the importance of creating a workspace that sparks creativity, flourishes with efficiency and keeps employees happy.  Read more

perceptive workspace

The Perceptive Workspace of the Future

The evolution of the perceptive workspace is futurecast by the design problem-solving of today. Office spaces have embraced the colorful changes brought into the working life of millennials, but the future of office design will embrace a multigenerational workforce. Employee working needs and the importance of health and emotional wellbeing in the workplace will drive these workspace design changes. The success story of a business is now deeply tied to employee happiness, which improves the overall efficiency and the integral success of the workforce.

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enriched environment

Enriched Environments Encourage Creativity

Creating an enriched environment is all about invigorating the physical space. Space planning for an open plan environment is often overlooked as an opportunity to inspire, engage and boost employee performance. Within the constant pulse of competing for the same talent, finding ways to differentiate your business is essential. Creatively leveraging and communicating authentic culture, vision and amenities can elevate stark, impersonal open environments into innovative hives of collaboration and productivity.

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place identity

Defining Place Identity In An Open Office

Change is a constant in any environment, and office design is no exception. Defining place identity is an integral part of the design process when creating a workspace of inclusion. The pressure is on to start up, retain talent, encourage cross-functional collaboration, enhance exposure to different kinds of expertise, and accelerate creativity and innovation. What we’ve learned is that what works for one industry has not necessarily worked for all.

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The Collaboration of Color In Your Office Design

The collaboration of color is an integral part of creating meaningful workspaces that encourage productive behaviors. Corporate office design has been in a neutral zone for a very long time. Take a look around your office. Are the walls dull and reminiscent of an institutional building rather than a place of dynamic collaboration? Punching up your agility with color is one of the simplest ways to create a culture of innovation.

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Feeding Happiness Through Experience Driven Design

Experience driven design is leading the charge toward a happier workplace. People are the one constant in the perpetual striving for technological change, demographic shifts and raising the bottom line. Designers today are tasked with re-thinking and re-inventing how people experience every aspect of their lives and the places and spaces in which they live, work and collaborate.

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