Office Ergonomics

WATER COOLER CHAT: Office Ergonomics Not Emerging Fast Enough

The goal of today’s office ergonomics is focused on fitting the workspace and technology to the individual, thus reducing the risk of injuries and helping people work effectively. However, the very nature of work is changing. Technology has freed people to work anywhere, and a growing proportion of that work is collaborative and social. In response, organizations are supplementing the private office and cubicle with a wide variety of interactive group and social spaces.

Active Ergonomics extends good ergonomic principles to the entire workplace The scope of traditional office ergonomics is limited to individual work within the primary workspace. Active Ergonomics is a new approach in which good ergonomic principles are applied to all elements of workplace planning, group and individual workspaces, furnishings, and technology. It builds on a foundation of thinking about the need to expand the scope of ergonomics.  READ MORE