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WATERCOOLER CHAT: Reasons Your Office Culture Has Evolved

While we knew it wouldn’t happen overnight, the office environment has taken its sweet time evolving into a culture of innovation and thought leaders.  Moving from the confines of 9-5 private executive suites and rows of cubicles to the mobile, open offices of today has altered not only where but how we work. Business leaders have finally shifted the success conversation from wealth to wellbeing. 

Office Culture

The collaborative work culture is a direct result of the cafe culture we embrace today that fosters real-time interaction. Remote work is flourishing as the role of work-life balance comes to the forefront.

Office construction and redesign are also on the rise. The commercial property remodeling industry is benefitting from large increases in demand. In the last five years, office rental vacancies have decreased and consumer spending on office remodeling has gone up. 

Why? Steelcase designers and researchers have revealed five factors driving the upscale of office spaces: 

  • Where & how work happens
  • Shift to creative work
  • Talent acquisition & retention
  • Employee disengagement
  • Integrated technology