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WATERCOOLER CHAT: 5 Ways Millennials Enlighten Office Culture

Millennial culture has been influencing office design for a very long time. The 5G workforce is constantly evolving, and each level influences the next. This is played out across the work stage in terms of style, organization, communication, and office design. As the diligent Baby Boomers retire, the reliable Gen Xers and the socially-conscience Millennials are becoming the new face of company management and business practices. 

Millennials have had a profound influence on the way work is done and business is conducted all over the world. From shorter work hours and less unpaid overtime to company perks like free gym memberships, in-office coffee/snack bars, and rest areas to help boost productivity during daytime work hours. Change has arrived and is rapidly expanding. 

Millennial Office Culture

As the business world navigates the 21st century, Millennials in the workplace are at the helm. If you are designing your office to attract this vibrant workforce, here are five ways Millennials are enlightening office culture: 

  • Transparency in the workplace
  • Working remotely
  • Experience over degree
  • Work-life balance
  • Technological advantage

Millennials represent a significant portion of the workforce, and their increased demand for transparency from the management and executive departments of the companies they work for has produced significant results. The open plan of collaborative office design was developed as a direct result of these demands.

Building inter-connectivity throughout the workspace environment and connecting to the leadership of the companies Millennials work for has been impactful to workplace culture and thriving workspace design.

GenX has embraced these changes. Finding ways to lessen the impact of change with integrative skills, while embarking on the next wave of future technology is the path to success.

If you are seeking to capture and retain this level of creativity, your office design must imbibe these elements. Office Furniture NOW!’s design team is knowledgeable and ready to help you design and navigate the exciting workspace of the future.