vibrant office design

WATER COOLER CHAT: Reconnecting To Vibrant Office Design

Vibrant office design gave Tavistock Development Company’s scattered offices more connectivity to each other and to the organization’s purpose: to create healthy, vibrant places to live. With Living Office® to create healthy, vibrant places to live.

At Tavistock Development Company, people don’t eat lunch at their desks. Why would they, when they can enjoy a meal in the real estate development firm’s bright, window-lined café. Against a backdrop of palm trees lazing in a blue Florida sky, accountants mingle with project managers, administrative assistants laugh with legal counsel, and marketing specialists catch up with urban planners. People who wouldn’t normally spend a lot of time together during the workday are getting a glimpse of what others are working on, and they are having fun doing it.

Before, Tavistock’s dispersed and undersized offices lacked enough space for people to effectively do their work, both together and alone. Aside from a handful of look-a-like conference rooms, an out-of-the-way breakroom, and a lobby that didn’t afford enough privacy for confidential discussions, employees had nowhere to work together on their community development projects.

This is a case study by HermanMiller about connectivity through vibrant office design.

As part of the research, Herman Miller guided employees and leaders through the Living Office Discovery ProcessSM. This workshop helps organizations identify their purpose, business priorities, character, and activities.