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WATER COOLER CHAT: The Importance Of Color In Office Design

The psychology of office color brings another level of emotion to your design. Color affects the sympathetic nervous system, bringing forth (subconsciously) feelings and emotions in every individual. It’s deeper than just your brand colors and the imaging being displayed in your office. So it is no small wonder that companies and manufacturers are spending huge amounts of money to find the right colors for their products and how they are marketed. Branding and advertising designers have known and applied this theory from the start. It’s called brand immersion.


The right office color, correctly chosen and strategically placed, can invite, uplift and energize the environment. Which, in turn, can help increase productivity, boost sales, and make your office a destination. Color tells your brand story in one second. But what else can it do for your design strategy as a business?

Here are some things to consider:

  • Appropriateness to the profession
  • Availability of space
  • How color affects the way we work

A great deal of research has been conducted on the effects of particular office environment colors on routine office jobs like typing, proofreading, answering the phone, filing, etc. Experiments have also been conducted to discover the impacts of color on well-being, productivity, performance, and satisfaction. The objective being to discover the best office color schemes that can enhance staff wellbeing and performance, especially inside confined spaces. Each study has shown a correlation between the mood of the workers and the chosen office colors.